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Old Morgul - The Keys of New Realm demo 1998

Old Morgul - The Keys of New Realm demo 1998
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2) Beyond the Mountains
3) Into the Unknown

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Request here and more material from brother Grev's bottomless vault, thank you sir! Old Morgul was a Finnish black metal band obviously influenced by the Norwegian 2nd wave bands and they released two demo tapes. This would be the first one, apparently quite hard to find. Grev had traded his copy back in the times when computers filled a whole room and trains ran on coal. Which means no proper cover, just a small (but reasonable) image from Metal Archives.

Ok, so it's influenced by the Norwegian style but is it any good? Yes. Not original or avant garde or whatever else but it works. The clean and quite powerful sound helps and they haven't added annoying extra elements in pursuit of originality, rather sticking to the basics and employing just a (better than average) screamy main vocal. A good, if easy-listening, black metal demo.

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Andrew kirjoitti...

This is pretty good. Thanks.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're welcome! Hm, I better leave a note to your blog, you might be able to help me out.

Willaims kirjoitti...

Very nice dude, I like it. Thank you so much.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Good that you enjoyed it & you're welcome.

Panacea kirjoitti...

Great stuff!Any chance for their second demo?

Panacea kirjoitti...

I rushed to ask without searching first...just found it.Thanx.

Panacea kirjoitti...

Also whats going on with this rumor that they stolen the music for their second Demo from Morgul's Demo Vargvinter? Same tracklist and duration for both of them in Metal Archives.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Glad you enjoyed it & found the demo II. Yeah, I remember that rumour but can't verify as I haven't heard the Morgul demo. Actually I recall this was accused to have been stolen as well.