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Epitaph Compilation Tape (1994)

Various Artists - Epitaph - New Zealand Death Grind Compilation Tape (1994)
Side A:
1) Entropy - Wanderlust Daemon
2) Sinistrous Diabolus - Wipe Out Christianity
3) Demoniac - The Birth of Diabolic Blood
4) Eviscerate - Severely Butchered Remains
5) Quorthon - Colostomy Bag
6) Human - Turning Green and Starting to Smell
7) Malevolence - Black Sabbat
Side B:
8) Convulsion - Bits of Dog
9) Enshrine - My Tongue a Window
10) Neanderthal - Nun Raper
11) Haemorrhage - Rotting Away
12) Sinfeeder - Young Sappo Girls
13) Demise - Those to Perish
14) Conventional Toasters - The Flu
15) Warpspasm - Chainsaw Enema
16) Cyrrhosis - (Why Don't You) Go to Heaven


I'm back with another contribution that has been waiting on the limbo of my old HD for too long though this time I had a semi-decent excuse for my hesitation - you see I tried to find a little additional information on this NZ compilation tape but came up with none. The main issue here is that it's lacking completely the artist of the 16th track. So if anyone could elaborate on the last artist and/or provide a cover scan that would be very much appreciated! UPDATE: Got one from comrade F! Thanks! Tracklisting edited and corrected in both post and folder, please re-download for corrected version with the full cover.

Like mentioned above, this compilation tape was a contribution by Stephen, a reader from NZ, thanks again, and features a bunch of bands playing various styles of death metal, from grinding blasts to black metal to slow churning doomy metal of death. A quite good representation of the NZ scene circa 1993 or so (release of the tape was in January 1994) and recommended listen to all into death metal. Especially now that I got the last track fixed with the artist's name and tracklisting in general!

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

The last track is Cyrrhosis, and memory serves that the compilation would have been released circa 1993, rather than 1994. The Nun Raper track is a fake - bass lines from an Eviscerate track, with an attempt at imitating the vocalist of said band by none other than Karl of Indulgence/Convulsion. The Convulsion track here sounds horrific, as rather than a remix, I believe that the bass lines were re-recorded and the drums replaced by a drum machine...

Cover for the tape can be found here:

I'll flick some other stuff over soon - too busy with other projects.

- Fenrirsson

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thank you very much for the cover, fixed the info and reuploading the thing as I type! Much appreciated.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

I forgot to mention, Entropy features members who went on to form Diocletian, although only Brendon is currently active.

- F

Morbid Hearted kirjoitti...

Hi again Brother,
link is dead and this compilation tape looks very interesting [bec.of the fact New Zeleand is not known [I mean old metal scene or just those very few bands in '90 - and the only which got some recognition is of course Demoniac] so it may be something good.
Can you reupload this link?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

@Morbid Hearted:

I've reuploaded this again so have a go at it! You might also notice the blog features a number of bands from the NZ (including several from the comp) so there's a bit more to explore once you're done with this.