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Skogen 'zine #1

Skogen Magazine, issue 1 (Late 1994/early 1995)
Dark Funeral
Obtained Enslavement
Ancient (nor)
Carpathian Full Moon
Behemoth (pol)
Ancient Rites
Denial Of God
Mayhem (Hellhammer)
Hades (nor)
Thy Serpent
Sadistic Intent
Grand Belial's Key
Black Funeral
Thou Shalt Suffer
In the Woods...
Vital Remains
Beyond Dawn
+Swedish scene report (articles on The Black, Dissection, Tiamat etc...), Norwegian report (much shorter listing of some at the time new bands), a couple of reviews & Molested special


Another 'zine today and yet another contribution, this time from none other than the Skogen editor Sascha himself! Thank you! He scanned the debut issue of Skogen and as you may see it was a pretty huge start with over 70 pages and a large amount of bands featured. Enormous jpg's the blindest old fart can squint through here and in general good quality scanning, must have been quite a task especially considering the way the 'zine was put together. Much appreciated and now the Skogen saga is complete.

Being the first issue of a young editor, the end result is impressive if naturally not up to the level of the later issues. On the average the bands have answered decently and the questions themselves are good for a first issue. The layout is clear and readable. Unfortunately the release time is not mentioned in the 'zine this time, but from what I gathered from the interviews this was mostly made in mid to late 1994 and completed and released in early 1995. I could always ask Sascha but that's no fun now is it? Overall look and quality of Skogen stayed rather consistent through its run, personally I find the bands involved most interesting in issue 2, followed by the debut and last issue. Without further ado I declare this recommended reading and mandatory for fans of Skogen #2 & #3!

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Andrew kirjoitti...

Wow, there seems to be a lot of awesome content here. I checked out the Mortiis and Satyricon interviews and they were very good. I'll definitely be reading this one more in depth sometime later. Thanks for the upload.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yup, it's a great read, I was very excited when Sascha sent me his scan and it didn't let me down.

Kurgan kirjoitti...
Kirjoittaja on poistanut tämän kommentin.
Argus M. kirjoitti...

Well, this is certainly a great surprise, Sascha resurfaces after all these years! This is the one issue I don't have. I wonder what is Sascha's opinion of what black metal has come after all these years, and if he's still a fan of the old bands he supported back in the early to mid 90's?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I thought you might be delighted to see this issue too! Well, I can't answer for him but I can ask whether he wants to answer for himself.

I might get some recordings of his project Poles Apart too.

Posao kirjoitti...

from today's black metal i really like this blackgaze stuff, like les discrets, alcest, laam. to me this is the perfection of what my all time faves manes, strid, ulver and burzum started. although this perfection doesn't mean it catches up to those pioneers. the other type of today's black metal i like to listen to from time to time is the darkthrone like crust/black. apart from that i rather stick to the records and bands i already like back then. i mean, i just can't get the same from a new band playing and sound exactly the same like these old records. and what i really dislike most is the gothic/symphonic type of black metal, the dimmu borgir clowns... but when it comes to metal i listen to today, it's mostly death metal, new and old bands almost alike. i really like some of the new bands that came up with the new wave of old school death metal a couple of years ago, and some of the old bands have come up with some absolutely great new records.

my all time fave black metal records btw. are strid's 7"ep, manes's "maanens natt", trolltjern's demo, darkthrone's "a blaze", ulver's "bergtatt" and emperor's ep.

i will send the poles apart demo as well as a couple of unreleased dark ambient tracks of the post-poles apart period to velkaarn for the upload these days.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Ask and thou shalt receive.

Thank you S/P for answering my readers.