perjantai 20. joulukuuta 2013

Alioth - Channeling Unclean Spirits demo 2002

Alioth - Channeling Unclean Spirits demo #1 2002 - 2007 re-release
1) Intro / The Channeling
2) Invocation / Apocryphal Dimensions
3) Invocation II / Call of the Deep


Every now and then I make exceptions to the blog's generic line of posting (mainly) 90's material and today's post is one of them in more than one sense, this is the 2007 cassette re-released version of US Alioth, a side project by a Cult of Daath member Wargoat Obscurum originally recorded in 2002. The original version was apparently released in 2003. Why am I posting this? Because I like it and feel it fits well enough to the Coven. A cover scan is included as it's ripped from an original tape.

The tape has three songs with short intros to each for a bit over 15 minutes and the music is atmospheric and doomy death metal strongly reminiscent of old Greek style à la Varathron and early 90's Rotting Christ. Mostly midtempo pace, melodic but not too mellow. Vocals are deathly growls and grunts, sound good demo level and everything simply works for me. I had something more in my mind but I'm in need of a nap so I'll just leave this here and recommend you to take a listen, especially if you're into the old Greek sound.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

This tape is fucking killer! thank you!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Yeah it is! Cult of Daath isn't bad either, you might want to check out that material too.