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Väri Avaruudesta - Avain demo 1999

Väri Avaruudesta - Avain demo 1999
1) Avain
2) Miikael kuolleen poika
3) Kuningas herää
4) Suo
5) Hauta
6) Enttein syksy
7) Laivat
8) Kehäloitsu

Depositfiles / Rusfolder

Today's item is a request I've decided to grant and another Finnish item, the quite limited (66 copies) demo by Väri Avaruudesta (The Colour Out Of Space - Lovecraft reference obviously) released on CDr and ripped from a copy bought from Pakana distro back then if I remember correctly. I hadn't done this before as I was under the impression it could be found quite easily online, but a recent inspection showed otherwise. Cover scans enclosed.

As it's ripped from an CDr the quality is good. Music is raw black metal with an underground demo production, with fuzzy guitars buzzing away over rather subdued battery, accompanied by harsh, raspy vocals and some reasonable doses of synths and effects which give a neat touch to the demo. It's not really anything that original but has certainly some bewitching charm on placed on it as it seems more than the sum of its parts. Part of the appeal probably comes from the unusual lyrics (most are included, in Finnish for your maximum inconvenience I'm afraid) and the timpani-like support percussion which always gives me Master's Hammer flashbacks and makes reason and common sense fade. As you see there are eight tracks and though the first is an intro it's almost album length at ~34 minutes. The demo seems to consist of two recordings as the sound changes quite a bit after "Suo", becoming murkier especially in the vocals department. Incidentally these tracks around the middle point are slower ones, combining with the sound change to create a certain tempo loss. The pace picks up in the following track and the slower "Laivat" is another standout track in the later part. Interesting demo with an obscure atmosphere, or alternatively yet another unoriginal one-man lo-fi black metal project. Have a listen and pick your side.

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GREV kirjoitti...

Hey Velkaarn... there's something missing in the rar package?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Really? Which download did you use? I'll have a look.

GREV kirjoitti...

@Velkaarn: Depositfiles

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Did you try reloading? I downloaded it too and the package seemed to be ok. Any idea what you were missing on the 1st download or did it just say it was corrupted?

GREV kirjoitti...

Not it's working! Track 8 and cover sleeves missing when I've try to dl it first time. But now everything is ok :)

Thank you Velkaarn

GREV kirjoitti...

"Not it's working" aarrgghh.. "NOW it's working" ;)

kingpossum kirjoitti...

The guitarist must be using his custom made "Static Interference" pedal to get that buzzy tone. Cool. I share your enjoyment of the tympani like percussion. All around neat stuff, and the dip in production on the second half makes it that much more fun.


Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yeah, I got that! :)


The tone is quite essential for this. A pity the Finnish lyrics are incomprehensible to most readers, I find them interesting myself.