lauantai 28. joulukuuta 2013

The Black League - Demo 1998

The Black League - (Unreleased?) Demo 1998
1) Avalon
2) Winter Winds Sing
3) Sanguinary Blues

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Ok let's do something a little different for today. Some readers probably listened to Sentenced and remember their old vocalist Taneli Jarva who was also involved in a bunch of other bands and projects? Well, this is one of them and still active. Or not, last album is from 2009. Anyway, today's item is their, according to Metal Archives, unreleased 1998 demo which I got a dub of from one of my traders. This and the other early releases also feature Sir Luttinen of Impaled Nazarene and Legenda fame on drums. I suppose it has no cover art if it is actually unreleased so see above an extremely primitive placeholder image. Pretty good dub and it has quite a good sound quality as well so no need to worry about that. As long as you remember this is a demo recording, that is!

Apparently this version of "Avalon" was released on Spinefarm's compilation CDs "Spinetingler" and "Helldorado II" so there is a slight likelyhood you've heard that one. It and the second tune "Winter Winds Sing" appear also on the debut album "Ichor" which I've last heard about ten years ago so I don't remember if the sound is hugely different. Most likely cleaner and all that. These tracks are of a rocking, groovy sort of heavy metal with touches of stoner on the first one and noticeable blues vibe on the slower, second number. The third song "Sanguinary Blues" is, as name reveals, pretty much bluesy death rock, surprisingly upbeat though. But as I don't obviously know what I'm babbling about I'll leave this at that and recommend you to try it if you're a fan of old Sentenced, Jarva and/or TBL or just got curious by my vague decription.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

Belated thanks and Happy New Year, Velkaarn. Drain a few beers and imagine Brian Johnson on "Avalon" and you've got a pretty decent AC/DC arena rocker. I'm having a harder time with the blackish power ballad that is Track 2.

However "Sanguinary Blues" sounds like a middle-to-current period Golden Earring track, which is fine by me.

Cool stuff.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Merry new year to you as well good sir! Now that you mentioned them, I haven't listened to AC/DC for ages - I think remedy that right next.

I don't think I've heard Golden Earring, though with a career as long as theirs its quite likely I've come across them without knowing. Would you recommend taking a listen at the old stuff or the later period to refresh my moldy memory?