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Rise And Shine / Gehennah - Split 7"EP 1998

Rise And Shine / Gehennah - Rise And Shine And Gehennah split 7"EP 1998
Rise And Shine:
1) Deadringer (For Love)
2) Jackson

RGhost / Yandex

Let's do something different for today. This is still marginally metal but very different anyways, a split EP featuring two Swedish bands is no news to anyone but when the concept is covers of classic (or "classic") duets things get interesting. Or at least untypical. Here we have Gehennah, known for their alcohol-fueled Venom-worshipping proto-black/thrash/hardrock and Rise And Shine, possibly much less known band playing psychedelic traditonal doom metal/rock on their proper releases. Or so I am told. On this EP, however, they do covers with vocalists dueting and if I've understood, the bands playing each their own bit. R&S do Meat Loaf's "Dead Ringer for Love" from his 3rd album (1981) which was performed as a duet with Cher and you've probably heard it even if you don't realise it. At least if you're a grown up. Gehennah go crazy with a country classic which has been recorded probably around million times, including at least one version in Finnish, "Jackson" - best known from the two 1967 recordings, a more pop version by Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra (which they apparently referenced here) and Johnny Cash & June Carter country version you haven't managed to avoid no matter where you have been hiding. Note that I ripped this from a cassette dub on a whim, not vinyl! Cover image from Discogs, and probably the most colourful thing I've had on this blog.

The sound is quite unpolished but clear enough and fits with the bands involved and goes actually surprisingly well with the tracks themselves. Like mentioned both tracks feature Mr Violence and Josabeth Leidi dueting and to be honest, neither is exactly my favourite or ideal vocalist. But at least the outcome is personal. Gehennah's side sound a little more muddled than Rise And Shine and that's all I'm going to comment as I can't stand that song in any of the versions I've heard. Ok, not much more to say except have a listen if you want something different. Next post will be either a 'zine or something horrible and vile sounding.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

Could almost be the sloppy guitar spew of Mr. Johnny thunders on the R&S side. Me, I'm convinced that's a Nashville Pussy outtake on the flip.

You feeling okay, Velkaarn?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thought this might interest you! Not sure if I should listen to Rise And Shine more or not, the singer is sort of hard to come to a decision about.

I seem to be stressed out.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

That cover... just... oh, Sweden.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Well, it really is different.