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Thus Defiled - Enchanted by the Dark One demo 1993

Thus Defiled - Enchanted by the Dark One demo II 1993
1) Enchanted by the Dark One
2) Eternal Demonomancy
3) Primordial Darkness (Returning...)


Today's upload completes another cycle and is again a reader contribution, sent along with a bunch of other items by comrade Ruptured Souls, this is the second demo by UK black/death group Thus Defiled. You may find the first demo here and a bit later rehearsal tape here. I don't know who made this rip originally, it might be quite old, however the quality is decent enough so thanks to whoever it was. No cover scans were included so I've again sto - borrowed images from Discogs, these are included in the folder.

This tape looks quite professional if one would judge a book by its cover and printed cassette and I do seem to recall this being called a cassette EP somewhere. Of course I don't have a reference at hand so I'm not going to champion that argument and just call it a demo like everyone else does. The sound is quite comparable to the debut demo, a little more clear and less echo-y. Unfortunately it also sounds less dark as a result, more death than black or black/death metal this time. There's just about the same amount of metal as on the first effort (a bit over ten minutes spread over three tracks) but less evenly divided as the title track hogs over half of the duration and side A of the tape, supporting the EP feeling I get from this. Despite the title track's extra length, all three follow the same basic patterns of slower, heavy and doomy parts alternating with fast, grinding aggressive sections. Vocals are guttural and brutal growls. I feel like I don't have really much more to say about this now, check it out if you like death metal and/or black/death metal, enjoy the other Thus Defiled stuff or happen to collect UK demos.

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Fenrirsson kirjoitti...

I do have the original tape and cover for this somewhere. I'll send it with the rest of the other stuff we discussed. Well, one day, haha

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks, but let's prirotise certain other items before this. And as always, don't worry, whenever you have time is fine.

kingpossum kirjoitti...

For what it's worth the reup link to the rehearsal tape isn't working for me, But no matter, this one's a good listen.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Crap, you're right! I've fixed that now (or actually am uploading as I type) - thanks for notifying me. Depositfiles can be a little misleading sometimes.

kingpossum kirjoitti...

Thanks for taking the time to fix the link--I'd forgotten how good this rehearsal tape is. I'm a sucker for mid-tempo grinds and tempo shifts, which this offers in abundance. Good sound too. Hartelijk dank.

(Sidebar amusement: the captcha included "ianPub", which happens to reference my given name and a favored destination...)

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're welcome, I like it myself too - not sure if you noticed but I got kind of distracted, which happens often with inter nets, and it took me quite longer than I meant to fix the link. Sorry about the delay!