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Everlasting Reign - Obscuritatis Terram Dominat demo 1996

Everlasting Reign - Obscuritatis Terram Dominat demo 1996
1) Intro - Something to Follow
2) Chaotic Eclipse
3) Inner Eternity
4) Doors of Perception
5) No Sense
6) Symphony of Agony

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More death metal music follows, this one representing a subgenre not very often seen in the Coven's vaults: melodic death metal. This is the apparently only demo by the Italian band Everlasting Reign which, according to Metal Archives entry, featured two young men Francisco and Cesar Zavattari - my educated guess is that they're brothers - who later would form a thrash band called Aghast Insane with a couple of other fellows. No, I haven't heard that one either. I got this dub from one of my traders basically on a whim, the demo title was pretty cool, but wasn't too wild of it to be honest. He didn't send me covers and there don't seem to be any around the internet so unless someone contributes we have no decoration for this post.

Like I already mentioned this is melodic death metal. Think certain 90's Gothenburg bands, or old Children of Bodom and such, but played by two young guys with a drum machine. Yeah. The sound isn't bad and they got some pretty good bits and whatever but this isn't my chalice of poison. So I'm not going to spend any more time making vague comparisons, give it a listen if you're really curious, morbidly obsessive about melodeath or absolutely must hear every obscure 90's metal demo.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

You've loosed a curious beast on us here, Velkaarn. The vocals often sound like Tom Waits wandered in on the session and took a shot at the BM thing. And what exactly is going on in track 3 with the orchestral flourishes? Dig it. Track 5 is aptly titled for the variety of weirdness happening therein.

Great post, thanks.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Well didn't see a Tom Waits namedrop coming, but that's partly due to my brother handling the Waits matters in our family I guess. I noticed foremost the somewhat youthful enthusiasm on this tape, great to see you've dug deeper!