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Arthame - Rehearsal 1997

Arthame - Rehearsal 1997
1) Mustan syvyyden uni
2) Päällä ristin mustat linnut
3) Visio kuolemasta

RGhost / Yandex

More non-metal, this here is a bit of an oddity, you don't often see something labeled as a rehearsal tape in this genre. This is Arthame from Finland, synth project by Striga whom you may or more probably may not know from black metal band Wagchor. The project was described as "black synth with anti-christian and witchcraft background" but I'll boldly declare this as dungeon synth. This recording has three songs for a bit under 12 minutes, synth only, no production to speak off and a rather somber and desolate moods. Let Striga call this whatever he wants, it does not sound like ritualistic black ambiance, it sounds like dungeon synth. No cover, placeholder made from Arthame logo used on a 1998 flyer. And thanks once again to brother Grev for the dub!

There's some tape hiss but it's not bad and your ear should adjust to it quite easily. Otherwise the recording obviously has a good sound, well it's synth only after all. Not the most casio-sounding of the tapes I've heard but definitely closer to the lofi end of the pool rather than the bombastic orchestrals or bewildering assortments of extra instruments. Nice and simple, I like this. Recommended.

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