torstai 9. tammikuuta 2014

Oath - Oath (1996)

Oath (cze) - Oath cassette album 1996
1) Cursed
2) Petrified Souls
3) Stone Portal
4) Grey Nymph
5) Surrounded by Fog
6) Vicious Circle


I haven't posted much non-metal lately so let's do some now, starting with a rather fresh acquaintance from the Czech Republic, yet another project suffering from a bit too simple name shared by many others, Oath. There isn't really much info to share, I bought this on a whim from a seller on Discogs a couple of months ago, it seems to be a self-released tape album, even though a label is printed on the cover. Which is, naturally, scanned and included with the download.

Almost an hour long this certainly is a long play in that sense. All the tracks are quite long, from 6½ minutes to fourteen. As you probably expected, it is dark ambient, this time mixed with industrial elements and despite epic track lenghts remains rather "active" so to say with percussion et al. No voices are used so it's instrumental except for some samples. Overall it brings mind a meshup of various CMI artists and sounds generally bleak and uh, dark. This isn't one of my wordy days I suppose. There are some dungeon synth-like moods and parts too but in general it's more raison d'être than Mortiis. It's a bit longer than necessary but a recommendable listen if you enjoy this sort of music.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

Superb. Better than about three quarters of the Nadja stuff.

The name thing could be solved by the old literary trick of changing a letter or two from a common word to make something new: Oath to Oeth. Easy! It's how murder became Mordor.

AC/DK and Lem Zerpelin don't quite make it however.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I can't really comment much on the Nadja stuff as I've only heard two (I think) albums and both were really quite forgettable... hmm I suppose I should agree then! Wonder if I should give Nadja another chance yet.

kingpossum kirjoitti...

Nadja is too difficult to cull through their dozens of releases to find the gems. A little self-editing would go a long way with them. Ju

Rhun kirjoitti...

Both links are dead. Can I get a re-upload here too, Velkaarn? I recently had to replace my computer operating system, so I lost a lot of my music. Partly why I've been requesting all the re-uploads.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yeah, can do & no problem, some of these are uploaded to really shitty service providers (such as this was) so they need a lot of attention to stay alive. A damn bother to start rebuilding lost files, isn't it?