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Black Wailing - Through Eternal Winters demo 1995

Black Wailing - Through Eternal Winters demo I 1995
1) Ancient Summoning
2) Through Eternal Winters
3) Funeral into the Deep of Darkness

Yandex / Zippy

Today's post is a step aside from black metal but not far. Obscure Greek project Black Wailing released two demos circa 1995 before vanishing from whence they came and this is the first of them, rip and pic courtesy of a contributor who not long ago contacted me. Thank you! It's bit lower bitrate (128) but you just have to make do with it.

So here we have about thirteen minutes of black ambient/dungeon synth recorded December 1994 and released in the beginning of 1995, besides the gloomy instrumentation we get black metalish vocals, synths that really cling to take you with them, slight hiss... well everything you either love or hate with this sort of music. The vocals are okay but I, as usual, could do without them. In general you'll probably enjoy this if you like ds or and "black ambiance".

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balbulus kirjoitti...

This is good stuff, I'd like to hear the 2nd demo if you have it?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Sure, I'm going to post it soon, probably in the weekend!

'Owl kirjoitti...

This seems to get better with every listen. I didn't like it at first but it is sort of relaxing.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yeah, I think it's good. I was very happy to get both demos from a certain contributor.