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Goetia #4

Goetia 'zine, issue 4 (1997)
Solitude Aeternus
Tad Morose
Ablaze My Sorrow
Mortuary Drape
Theatre of Tragedy
Night in Gales
Eternal Hatred
+Temperance article & reviews


Here is yet another issue of the Swedish 'zine Goetia which you may remember from these posts. Issue 2 remains still my favourite as the fourth one continues the same path established earlier with familar, practical and cozy lay-out and a "generalistic" metal 'zine approach. This time the interviewees are from a little broader range than the somewhat limited split issue and yes, include black metal as well in the forms of Ungod, who appeared quite often in 'zines of the era and Mortuary Drape, with a characteristic extremely short intie. The interviews are okay but I can't help being bored with generic "metal" 'zines overall as the questions just about always are about music, "current" events and news usually outdated already when the 'zine was released and other more shallow matters. Alas, it's mainly the same fare here. At least this time it's all bands instead of labels, distros, other 'zine editors or other such mostly uninteresting filler. It's safe to recommend this if you enjoyed the previous issues as Niclas is very consistent in the overall quality of the 'zine.

I still want to see the first issue so get in touch if you have it!

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