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Forgotten Sunrise - Behind the Abysmal Sky demo 1993

Forgotten Sunrise - Behind the Abysmal Sky demo 1993
1) Intro: Sunrise
2) Rottening Art
3) Alive in the Grave
4) Indifference
5) Son of Sun / Knock-Outro: Solstice

Zippy / Depositfiles

Let's get back to metal with another contribution by brother Grindfreak, this is the first demo of the Estonian death/doom band Forgotten Sunrise. Nowadays they're apparently doing some sort of electronic/industrial thing, haven't heard any of that so no comment. But back in the day they made... I'm not sure to be honest, but at least two releases of atmospheric death/doom metal, this one and 1994's "Forever Sleeping Greystones" - judging from the track titles (yeah that's a scientific, fool-proof method) 1998's self-titled EP would already be in the new style or at least transitory piece. Maybe one day I will bother to do thorough research before babbling here. But not today! Includes cover scans courtesy of Grindfreak, thanks for providing those and the rip itself of course.

I say it's atmospheric death/doom but the emphasis is a bit more on death here as the tempo is rather sprightly. Dual vocal attack used sparingly for good effect, with the main voice being the cavernous death bellow and support a hoarse snarl. "Son of Sun" has also some clean vocals which are okay, main point for me is usually not how well they're performed, it's how little they annoy me - these don't. The third, shortest track is the weakest one of the bunch with some suspicious groove-ish elements. Just a bit of keyboards added for spice, very good sound with audible bass lines, occasional slight folk tones and an agreeable flow make this a pleasant if unchallenging listen. But I'm not keen on math metal or forcibly "unique" and artsy music anyways so I can easily recommend this if you like death metal with atmospheric and doomy bits. If you don't I suppose you'll wait for another post.

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