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Golden Dawn - Lullaby demo 1995

Golden Dawn - Lullaby demo I 1995
1) Midgard (The Forsaken Kingdom Parts I - VI)
2) Lullaby
3) Memento Mori
4) Funeral March

Temporarily unavailable, will upload the complete version soon!!!

Time for some more black metal, don't you think? Here's a demo that seems surprisingly rare, the first one by Austria's Golden Dawn, whom people probably remember for the bit odd and experimental overall ok debut "The Art of Dreaming" and the second album "Masquerade" which I recall being horrible. It's been a while I tried listening to it and no, I'm not in the mood to do so today either. Besides these Dreamlord released in 1995 a split demo with his synth project Apeiron and another demo "Way of the Sorcerer" of which brother Xexanoth uploaded an incomplete version here. I want a full version of that and the split demo. Plus other Apeiron recordings. There are also demo and rehearsal recordings done between the albums, of which "Sublimity" was supposed to be the actual second album but apparently Dark Matter Records screwed up and it ended up being given out as a demo. I don't know if this demo actually had a cover, never seen one, the one seen above is yet another placeholder whipped up by me, using the logo from demo III and a band image from "A.B.M.S. Norici Obscura Pars" compilation.

UPDATE I: Had a few words with Dreamlord and alas it is as I feared, this demo is incomplete: the first track should be several parts and about 15 minutes (if he remembers right) long so looks like most of that is missing! Get in touch if you have a complete version ASAP.

UPDATE II: I got the GD / Apeiron split demo, no less than twice actually, as well as the Apeiron demos '95 + '97 and Golden Dawn's "Way of the Sorcerer" demo + rehearsal 1996 so stay tuned for more and thanks to the contributors!

UPDATE III: I have the full version now, I just need to sort it out into separate tracks and upload. Sorry for the inconvenience. Boys are now preparing, please wait warmly until it is ready~ 

UPDATE IV: Done. Decided to repost so people who got this incomplete disaster might notice and download the full version. Here.

As you must have guessed by now, my copy is a dub from a tape trader, decent enough quality but clearly not ripped from an original. The music is melodic, lofi, a little on the crude side yet with epic elements black metal. Wonderfully cheap'n'cheesy synths add to the atmosphere. There are some "clean" vocals performed which I could really do without. They manage to sound strangely appropriate on the first track, less so later. It's somehow more entertaining a listen than it should be but check it out for yourself

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GREV kirjoitti...

Brother Velkaarn:

I have something from Apeiron:

- Apeiron - Demo 1995 (also include at split tape with Golden Dawn)
- A Separate Reality - Demo 1995
- Stardust - Demo 1997

GD stuff what I have:
- Way of sorcerer - Demo
And those full-lengths & ofcourse Apeiron / Golden Dawn split-demo in original format.

Let me know if you need some stuff?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Do you have the complete (4 tracks as seen on the cover) version of the "Way of the Sorcerer" demo?

I'd need that, Apeiron/GD split and the other Apeiron demos both!

GREV kirjoitti...

@Velkaarn: Yep, it's full. 4 tracks and 24:19 is playing time.

And I forget to mention that I'll have GD's rehearsal tape 1996 too

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Most excellent, I'll need all of them then. You got these as rips or on tape?

GREV kirjoitti...

@Velkaarn. I'll search those recordings from my archives. So, I'll be back later :) and my Germnan friend has already ripped those

666dreamlord kirjoitti...

ok sorry, forget/delete my comments please, I already realized that it's downloadable, thanks for sharing!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


As you wish and glad to be of service, as it is. Sending you a mail anyways!