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Dismal - My Beautiful Empire demo 1996

Dismal (swe) - My Beautiful Empire demo II 1996
1) Intro
2) The Path to...
3) My Beautiful Empire

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Still more blackened stuff but now it's time to cross the border and move to Sweden once again and this is the second demo of yet another band with an overused one word name, Dismal. I was originally interested in this band because of the Infortunium Records and Fredrik Söderlund connections (F.S. played on the first demo, which I need) and asked brother Grev to dub me this tape after spotting it in his list. And once again he delivered, thank you brother! Includes cover scan. The actual members have been participating in such bands as Blasphemous, Satanic Slaughter and Nephenzy (- Chaos Order).

This demo features the band as a duo supported by a session drummer and it again a short recording, but what'd you expect when the tracklisting is intro + two tracks? Around half an hour of material if it was a funeral doom band I suppose, but this is Swedish black metal so we get about nine minutes. A pretty intro which kind of reminds me of Parnassus or Octinomos stuff, but that's just my subconsciousness picking up the connections more than actual resemblance. The following song is midpaced and has an almost epic feel to it despite the rough sound and the drummer messing up a bit. Unfortunately there is quite a few places with audible and slightly disrupting tape wear. Can't be helped I suppose. Vocals are of the usual harsh black metal sort but they're buried pretty deep in the mix, I wouldn't mind a little switcheroo between them and the slightly too audible drums. Second track continues in similar vein, a little bit faster and with some more variation. Ok melodic Swedish stuff but I had a little too high expectations for this I guess. Still, worth a listen and I need the demo I 1995 so let me know if you got that one!

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