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Mortify - Skuggeriket demo 1996

Mortify (nor) - Skuggeriket
1) Weird Shrieks from the Castle in the Sunset so Dark of Shadows
2) Skuggeriket
3) Born in Blasphemy
4) A Dark Fog of Mayhem Over the Valley of Black Sorcery

Rusfolder / Yandex

Let's stay in Norway for a bit longer, here is another less known band from there and again a case of using a band name that was already taken several times before! So, don't mix this one-demo-wonder with the better known, older Greek Mortify, or the Polish one, the Finnish one, the Swiss one... well, there were a lot of Mortifys in the 90's. This is the only demo from these guys (who among them feature Lars Jamne who would venture to start Oskorei 'zine and graphics and Kvitrafn aka Einar Selvik who has spent short times as a drummer in Gorgoroth, Sahg and Det Hedenske Folk among others - I wonder if the vocalist Øistein Selvik is his brother?) and I got this dub from brother Grev, thank you, who unfortunately did not have the cover. So that'd be needed again!

Four quite short tracks with a low sound, for a total playing time of around 12 minutes. The music here is sort of black/death metal mixture, which are always tricky in my opinion. The vocals are mostly growly and according to Iscariah (source: NWN forum comment) pitched down. To be honest I don't really have a whole lot to say about this, it's kind of forgettable to these ears and is quite easily lost among the sea of other similar releases from the era. Worth checking out if you're interested in the doings of the people mentioned, collect Norwegian demos or just really, really, really enjoy black/death metal.

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Argus Monitor kirjoitti...

Wow, another great surprise here! I remember a Skogen zine article on this band but never got to hear them until now. Thanks, great stuff!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're welcome, I don't remember seeing this much on the tradelists back in the day either... though the name is kinda generic and gets lost easily among more memorable ones, don't you agree?

However, once I spotted it on Grev's list a while ago I wanted to hear it immediately (yeah, mostly curious about the connections here).

Mikko A. Ratia kirjoitti...


Argus & Brother Velkaarn. You're welcome!