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Rune - Rune demo 1995

Rune (nor) - Rune demo 1995
1) Vargtime
2) Blodhevn

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Today's post is an item that is as short as it is obscure, here is a two song demo from a Norwegian band (or project?) Rune dating to 1995. And that's pretty much all I know about them or this demo. As you might guess, I've gotten this one too from a tape trader and all he had was what I wrote above and a messed up tracklisting. By messed up I mean that obviously he did not speak any Norwegian and had probably gotten this from someone else who had gotten it from yet another person etc... all most likely sending handwritten tracklists and so essentially it ends up being a game of broken telephone (or Chinese whispers, or grapevine or whatever you call it) and the end result warped into this:
1. Vargetime
2. Byskup Bammopvd Bloodhevn

No, that's not making much sense and the three words (vargtime, biskop and blodhevn) I could decipher as Norwegian were all misspelled and the middle word on the second track just wouldn't end up making any sense. Needless to say this left me quite disheartened and I ended up basically forgetting this in my READY items folder. That is until comrade Borderline posted this compilation here in her blog which, miraculously enough, featured the second track from this demo and the title there was simply "Blodhevn". Encouraged by this (most certainly a sign from lord Satan) I decided to follow suit and ignore the bits I couldn't translate and here we finally are. Long, boring story.

Say something about the music? Well, first off this is a really, really short demo, barely over four minutes. The first song "Vargtime" is almost two minutes and instrumental, a folky piece performed mainly on electric guitar. The second song has percussion and vocals added and it's is midtempoish, atmospheric and manages to sound simultaneously vaguely folky and grim. For a quick name drop session I'm reminded of the likes of Ulver (before they went mad and electronic), Burzum and Strid.
I would love to get any further information on this and if there is anything else recorded, that. This ends too soon. Recommeded.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

Okay the Strid name check pricked up my ears though I would have listened anyway. Agree it's way too short. Maybe send it to Paul Oakenfold to do the 17 minute remix. Or not. Regardless, any more from Rune, if it exists, would be a treat.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Ha, it seems you fell victim to my cunning ploy! Ok the namedropping may have been a little hasty but there is an ever so slight similarity don't you agree?

Yes, I'd definitely want to hear more, or at least find out if they changed name or were a sideproject of another band.

kingpossum kirjoitti...

Indeed the Strid comparison is apt. Structure, tempo even the grainy production.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

That first track is killer. Hopefully there is more you can dig up. Thanks for uploading this.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

You're welcome and I doubt my chances of finding more are low. I couldn't even find or recall any mention of them until Borderline posted that compilation. But here's hoping.

Argus Monitor kirjoitti...

Ah Strid, gotta love that EP. Well, I do here some comparisons too, but it's a bit murkier. Velkaarn always delivers the gems. I really appreciate Borderline's contributions too.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Hmm, reading this comment now made me wonder if I should repost the "Norge - Land of Frost" compilation now that sister Borderline's blog has followed the freezing moon?

Borderline1991 kirjoitti...

Hey Velkaarn. Of course you can repost the compilation if you want. I've just been listening to it few days ago, and now again, I have to say it is one of the best BM VA compilations I've listened, I really like it.
But the sound/the rip is really not very good, it even skips at some tracks and I just cannot find any better rip of it :(
There are also some more bands on this VA compilation that got my attention, like Hellebård and Zebub - this bands aren't even on metal archives, or spirit of metal, or discogs, so I don't even know if they released anything ever... ah it's just so frustrating to discover a really nice band and to be unable to even learn more info about them or listen to their material which isn't on this compilation. I would recommend to take a listen again, especially the last track on Land of Frost compilation - Hellebård - Ondskapens Kall: oh the sound is so dirty, and everything is so nice, atmospheric and melodic. :)

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

@sis B:

Heya, I think I will do that. Perhaps that might unearth some further info or scans of covers, anything really. I remember Zebub from something, quite likely passing mention on some old interview or another, might've also seen Hellebård somewhere but that could be just imagination. Considering how they're represented with two tracks I wonder if the compilation might've been made by someone from the band/associated with them?

I like the flow and certain cohesiveness this compilation has. Agreed, the rip and sound could be better, at least louder if nothing else but at least the volume and quality is mostly consistent throughout.