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Dogmeat - A Prayer to the Dog demo 1993

Dogmeat - A Prayer to the Dog demo II 1993
1) Dirtiness / Hey!
2) Love
3) Dead Meat
4) The Flowers Grow (Again)
5) Solution
6) Blond Pigs Have More Fun

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Here is the second Dogmeat demo, also courtesy of brother Suuret Muinaiset, thanks for your efforts! Much of what I wrote in the previous entry applies here except the music has evolved somewhat. There are less songs but they're much longer (in the average over 5 minutes instead of the 2½ minutes of previous demo) except for the last one which I guess serves as a kind of outro.

The sound is roughly similar to the previous one, except the guitar is not quite as dominant and the percussion sounds much better, there's more power to it. The vocals have changed this time, now it's more like death grunts run through a filter which I'm more comfortable with. I think the songwriting and riffs are better overall as well and the Celtic Frost and Black Sabbath influences more obvious, in 'Frost's case fortunately better chosen too. So possibly a slight dissappointment for fans of the first demo, could be an improvement as well. I know I like this one better.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

Thanks again Suuret Muinaiset and Sir Velkaarn. I get a strong Ministry vibe from the uptempo tracks here. Which is just fine by me. The uber source for the doomy tracks is obvious, as Velkaarn states. Cool stuff, though I prefer the first demo for the sheer weirdness.

Friendly request: Arghoslent's Arsenal of Agony. It's the only Arghoslent mine ears have not experienced. Not sure if it falls within the stated scope of the Coven. I trust Velkaarn will clarify that last point.

Thanks everyone.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


"Arsenal of Glory" huh? It seems to have been re-released in 2005 but I can have a look at it, comrade unholydeath most likely has it or I can dig up a link to the re-release if there's no difference.