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Maleficum Orgia - Noixificurc detrevni promo 1992

Maleficum Orgia - Noixificurc detrevni promo rehearsal 1992
1) Unholy Darkness
2) Black Hate
3) Inverted Crucifixion
4) Hypocrite Christian
5) Victory Is Ours (Bestial Summoning cover)
6) The End of God Throne

Zippy / Depositfiles

Let's get back to France where we started our recent little black metal tour. This is Maleficum Orgia, a rehearsal/promo tape from 1992 and there's nothing subtle about them. As their choice of cover track might hint, this is old fashioned, rough and crude black metal. Ok, after a spooky synth intro they go raw and primitive. Looks like they restarted their activities a few years ago and re-recorded some of these tracks for their self-titled album so check that one out too. I got this dub once again from brother Grev, so thanks to him. Includes scans of the covers.

The sound is as you'd expected of a rehearsal recording. Murky and muddled but well enough balanced so nothing completely overpowers the other elements. Despite what I wrote about this being primitive and rough, it has quite a lot of interesting old schoolish riffs and moods. So more Vlad Tepes than Ildjarn I guess. I also like the short synth intros. Not going to write more, grab this if you like lo-fi black metal, are an old school bonehead or collect French stuff. Bonus points from the cover art.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

See, that's one of the cool things about this whole BM deal for me: such juvenile and amateurish cover art frequently masks some genuinely cool musical ideas within. This is one such case, to my ears anyway.

The use of brooding tempos, occasional nods to Eastern modalities, wheezing synths. Cool stuff. And in this case the comical cover art actually enhances the whole mess. Bonus points indeed.

Thanks for the post.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're welcome and as I realized after having started to type and re-listen to this, it isn't nearly as primitive and crude as the first impression might be.