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Final Frontier - When Destiny Falls to Ruin demo 1995

Final Frontier - When Destiny Falls to Ruin demo 1995
1) When Destiny Falls to Ruin
2) Lifeforms Observe
3) Kasus Remylik
4) Homebound
5) Impulse Consumed

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Let's stick to non-metal sounds. Back to Norway and the probably only release by the industrial project Final Frontier, not to be mixed with the Canadian AOR group, which I'm not sure if it should be called a demo, but since that's what it looks and sounds like, I'm calling it that. I got this tape some months ago, having ordered it out of idle curiousity caused by the affiliation it has to Dunkelheit, Remyl and other 90's Norwegian industrial projects (see Ornament #1 for more about some of them). Cover scan enclosed.

As it is ripped from my probably original tape the sound quality is pretty much as good as it gets. Mind you, it's an old tape, recorded on a four-tracker so the sound is not hifi. Music is industrial and electronic with both slower and slightly faster tempos. The first track sounds like it has excess hiss in the background but that would appear to be part of it. Some voices are included, ranging from spoken parts to actual harsh vocals. It is quite gloomy overall and I seem to be at loss of colourful descriptions here... well, it's not exactly sunny and bright pop music either. I recommend you to give it a shot if you're into industrial, I'm off to buy food.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

Totally digging what's happening here. Some vaguely ritual elements burble in sometimes, in the goth vocals and occasional martial percussion. At least to my ear. And while I'm genre hopping I guess I'll add space black metal too in the form of the slow background washes and radio transmissions.

Whatever labels one chooses, I find it pretty decent headphone listening.

Thanks for the post.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I found it rather hard to define the genres here too, these sort of semi-random purchases can be nice every now and then. Got this at the same time as the Oath tape, by the way. Just took a little while to post it.