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Blasphemous Evil - Priest Sodomy demo 1999

Blasphemous Evil - Priest Sodomy demo 1999
1) Ymehpsalb Fo Drol (Htemohpab)
2) Priest Sodomy
3) Taog Eht Fo Mreps Kcalb
4) Unholy Sex Ritual
5) Nun Perversion
6) Tears of Jesus
7) Ave Satanas

RGhost / Deposit

I thought today I'd post another of my old rips and I know there has been at least two different rips of this around the inter nets before this, but bear with me. Or don't, you can always come back later. Anyways, some time before the millennium Satanic Warmaster & co felt the need to play filthy black death metal in the vein of old Beherit, Impaled Nazarene and so on, resulting in this band. Blasphemous Evil released a demo, changed name to Vomitfago for a split 7" and back again, released an album, participated on the Primitive Finland compilation and disbanded. My copy of the demo was dubbed by a comrade from his (I think) original copy, unfortunately I didn't ask him for copies of the covers back then so the Metal Archives image will have to do for now.

All of the seven tracks are short, total playtime ticking just a little over ten minutes. The music is, as reading the tracklisting should reveal, totally inspired by old Beherit, demo/1st album ImpNaz and bestial metal of death in general. First track is a screamed intro, second one is the longest of the lot, almost 2½ minutes and sounds like slower Beherit demo track, next one is an interlude with synths and screams/noises, next track has some synths and again quite slow pace, brings certain Greek cults to my mind actually (old Varathron foremost)! The fifth one is again more primitive and crude, followed by synths and weeping on "Tears of Jesus" and the demo ends with Blasphemyesque, thirty second "Ave Satanas". So as you see it's not the freshest can of original ideas opened but sometimes recycled crap is just fine and this amount works alright for me. Give it a go if you're not already absolutely fed up with the bestial war brutal metal ov death sounds.

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