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Golden Dawn - Way of the Sorcerer demo 1995

Golden Dawn - Way of the Sorcerer demo III 1995
1) Way of the Sorcerer
2) Enigma
3) Nothing but the Wind
4) The Majesty of My Kingdom Afar

Links removed as obsolete,

Full cover scan: Mediafire

It's time to continue my excruciatingly slow (I'm the one to blame for that) quest to post all of Golden Dawn's old demos (Stefan's planning to re-release the more recent ones plus select old tracks), here's the third recording from 1995 and complete for change, courtesy of brother Grev and ripped by an associate of his. Thank you gentlemen. The previous versions of the demo I've seen online had only the first two tracks, which were featured on the A.B.M.S.: Obscura Norici Pars - compilation CD. You do the math. Sadly, no cover scan so another tiny, tiny image from Metal Archives borrowed. UPDATE: Discogs had slightly better images of the cover which I promptly stole borrowed, see above and below. Full scan would still be better, brother Fenrirsson hopefully eventually delivers that.
UPDATE II: Got the scan from F, get it here! Thanks again!

The music on this demo is much closer to how the debut album turned out, bit more straight forward and with a rougher production which is better than on the previous efforts, mind you. I'm not sure if the two tracks featured on the compilation CD were re-touched or not (too lazy to dig up the CD now and you don't really care do you?) but I'm pretty sure they sounded slightly different. In case you haven't heard the compilation, the two track version of the demo or the debut album I guess I should try to describe the material briefly. It's semi-symphonic black metal with some avantgardish and even gothic elements in. Or something. Pretty fast paced most of the time, except for atmospheric breaks. Kinda like old Emperor meets Celtic Frost? No, not really. But I bet that got your attention. I recommend you to give it a try except if you only like grim metal of death and/or raw subterranean black metal in which case I guess you need to wait for another post.

UPDATE III: Stefan has put this demo and others on Bandcamp, making the rip obsolete (not the scan though) so I am removing the links. Go to his Bandcamp page instead!

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Finally you did it!

Again: Some incomplete (fake) Versions out there in the Web (just having the first 2 Tracks from the A.B.M.S. Compilation) - but you´re the one to finish this Release.
Btw: You´re right, the 2 Tracks from the A.B.M.S. are the same, but obviously having a different mix, sounding somehow clearer (Waveform clearly shows fade-out and others).
Hey where is the -Button?

Thank you a thousand times, I was looking a decade for this Demo!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're welcome and good news is that I'm probably getting proper cover scan from comrade F. in a while so I'll update accordingly later.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

this cover would be great!

Rhun kirjoitti...

If you didn't know already, the Golden Dawn demos have been re-released now. Thanks to you and Grev for ripping these demos before the re-releases, the music is fascinating and mostly very good.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I was aware of something coming but not specifics; I do know the split was to be released on vinyl. Good to see Stefan put these up on Bandcamp, will link there ASAP for all relevant items.