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Erevos - Shadows of Storming Nyx demo 1996

Erevos - Shadows of Storming Nyx demo II 1996
1) Swords in Flames...
Part I - Black Shadows of the Endless Skies
Part II - ...In an Aeonic Circle of Death
Part III - The Final Battle Begins... The Sign Comes...
2) Nyx Amolgos (to be continued...)

Rusfolder / Yandex

Ok, here's yet another repost but one I deemed very necessary. About two months ago I posted here the second demo of the Greek blackened dungeon synth project Erevos, rip courtesy of a contributor and last month I got a very decent offer for what seems to be an original copy of the demo and seized the moment. So now I have ripped the tape and scanned the covers and here you have it.

Not much really to add to what I wrote back then... well, having the item actually at hand helped me to fix little typos to the tracklisting and the rip is slightly better so I recommend downloading this again if you enjoyed the first demo and the previous version of this. Coming up next will be metal, in case you were wondering.

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