torstai 15. toukokuuta 2014

Herodez - Germanien demo 1995

Herodez - Germanien demo I 1995
1) Intro
2) Odin
3) Germanien
4) Ancient Blood of Fenris
5) The Winter of Evil
6) Vision (Outro)

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I promised metal and here is some, another contribution to the Coven by a certain person. Thank you! This is the long sought first demo by German black metal (judging by the titles here I suppose I should call them pagan/heathen black metal or such) band Herodez. You may remember I posted the second demo already back in 2011 (here) and I could still use a full version of it as the outro is cut. This one is happily complete. My contributor did not have a scanner so I've only a photo of the cover, which is clear enough to see the guys seemed to like Dragonlance but I could use a scan. Even better if you feel a need to send/sell me your copy of this and the second demo. And the Gilles De Rais one while you're at it.

I'm supposed to get up early in the morning and head off to Steelfest so let's wrap this up quickly. If you have heard the other stuff by the guys I suppose you know what to expect: German underground black metal of the "classic" 90's style. Rough sound, rehearsal recording (clear enough), struggling musicianship and everything else that makes these tapes such a delight. The music is slower than I expected and that's pretty good as it tends to get messy when speed is increased, as in the title track. This might have partially to do with the dub as well. Recommended if you share my (and The Deceased's - are you still alive?) fascination of the old German nth rate demo bands.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

Repetition goes a long way with me, so this fine stuff. Thanks for the post and the reup on the other Herodez. That one was stranded on a crashed hard drive so the reup is much appreciated. Enjoy Steelfest.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


After writing this entry I listened to the both Herodez tapes in a row and now I have the impression I like this one better. Note that I also reupped the Gilles de Rais demo.

Steelfest was great times, again, really well organized festival with a good line-up.