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Master's Devotion - Celebration rehearsal 1992

Master's Devotion - Celebration rehearsal 1992
1) 13 Candles
2) In the Wombs of Acheron
3) Lullaby of the Lullabies of Sabbath
4) Portal Beyond Decay

Yandex / RGhost

Another more obscure recording today, though this one is metal. Some of you might know the Brazilian black/doom band Asaradel who released three very necro demo tapes between 1991 and 1993, which have been re-released on CD in 2011 ("...Of Satanas / Avernus / Perpetuating the Law" - get it!) and some less necro tapes later, taking a more gothic death/doom or something like that approach. They've also contributed with another band called Oráculo as O Oráculo de Asaradel for one demo in 1996 which I'd like to hear. This is not Asaradel, this is Master's Devotion, but the band features at least the main man Getulio and possibly other personnel too. They're neither any sort of pre- or post-Asaradel as they existed at the same time, though as far as I know this might be the only release. The rip here was made by me from a dub provided by brother A.S. again, thank you! Sadly no cover, though I'm not sure if any exists as this is a rehearsal tape.

If you're familiar with Asaradel you'll notice from the tracklisting above two familiar titles: "In the Wombs..." appeared also on the "Avernus" demo 1992 and "Lullaby..." would resurface on 1994's "A Dance of Pure Triumph" obviously re-recorded. This rehearsal tape has a good if very stripped down rehearsal sound. The music is slow and dreary black/doom mixture with an atmosphere of desolation supported by the scarce instrumentation and almost clean guitar sound. Main vocals are harsh screams which drown a bit in the music as if they were another instrument. It sounds a bit like mixing old Samael with the Colombian Nebiros. And obviously old Asaradel. "In the Wombs..." adds clean backing vocals which fit well enough into the mixture, sounding actually more like some Iron Maiden chorus than a choir of damned monks or some other sinister thing. This version is quite different to the Asaradel version, not as necro and more melodic. Excellent rehearsal tape, if there are other recordings under this monicker I'd like to hear them. Recommended for people into obscure early 90's black metal not just from Scandinavia.

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