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Exitus - Live in Pormestari 27.4.1990

Exitus - Live in Pormestari, 27th April 1990
1) The Metamorphosis - Black Heritage
2) Reprobate
3) The Scourge of War
4) Thanatos

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I've made it back in one piece from Steelfest and I guess I could celebrate that by posting a live tape ripped by brother Suuret Muinaiset (attended the festival too). He also delivered the other Exitus tapes to the Coven, thanks for your work! This is the last of the batch and had no cover so there's a placeholder seen above with the later logo version.

SM's rip was all as one track, which I separated to four parts as seen on the tracklisting, but otherwise I have not tampered with his work. Good live sound though the guitars are pretty low and buried under just about everything else, though this is remedied later. Three of the tracks appeared also on the rehearsal tape and the demo while the last seems to have been played only live, another version appeared on the bonus tracks to the Svart Records re-release of the demo. Not really much to add, most of what I wrote about the music in the earlier entries applies here and if you liked them earlier you'll want to check this recording out.

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