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Corvus Neblus - Chapter II - Strahd's Possession - Deeper In The Realm (2001)

Corvus Neblus - Chapter II - Strahd's Possession - Deeper in the Realm Cassette EP 2001
1) Facing the Burgomeister of Barovia Himself
2) Visitor of a Tyrant
3) Reflection on the Encounter
4) Second Encounter - The Young Vistani
5) At the Vistani Camp
6) Desperation of a Lonely Father

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I posted as the first thing last month the first cassette EP of Corvus Neblus, see here for further background information and thought it'd be fine to start this one with the second. This was again released by Elven Witchcraft and according to the covers later than meant. As far as I know, it was also the last CN release, which is kind of a pity as the story clearly was not finished with this chapter. Cover scans enclosed.

The EP start promising enough with a very long track but then a shock sets in: vocals! In my dungeon synth, this seldom ends well! And fair enough, initial listen proved out to be a dissappointment as the vocals, or should I say voice acting as it is all basically someone's lines, are present in just about all tracks, more in some than others and are done with different voices, ranging from okayish to mildly irritating to atrocious. Especially the main character's gravelly voice seems really out of place for the more or less heroic half-elf. But the music is still enjoyable and after repeat listens the adverse effect seems to diminish somewhat. I still don't like them but I can live with the voices. I'm in a hurry so I end here, try it if you liked the previous tape.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

Kudos for the "heroic half-elf" tag. I don't even need to hear the music in question to know what that means. Thanks for the post.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're welcome, I was thinking of posting something before I leave for Helsinki in the morning (I got to do a night shift before that) but it appears I've no time so I guess next post'll roll in around Sunday.