maanantai 5. tammikuuta 2015

Cemetery Fading - As Thy Fullmoon Dies... demo 1996

Cemetery Fading - As Thy Fullmoon Dies... demo I 1996
1) Candle Dawn
2) The Final Symphony
3) Angel of the Woods
4) As Thy Fullmoon Dies...

Zippyshare / Yandex

Despite the title featuring both "thy" and "fullmoon" today's post is not black metal. Instead we have doom metal performed by a one-man project with what sounds like drum machine and to up the ante it is instrumental. This is pretty marginal, I'd say. Once again we have master Sorvali to thank for the rip and cover scans. Look at that font, those pixels, how can you not love this?

Well, that love might not survive listening to all (nearly) thirty minutes of the content. This is instrumental doom, with a drum machine, by one guy. Yeah, let that stew for a while. It's not heavy, crushing, destructive, depressive or mournful. It's not very groovy or beautiful either. Nor is it very dark, more like... dim? It's somewhat atmospheric, I'll give it that, and a bit odd. There's plenty of synths, so much that in places it sounds more like a synth project than metal. Sometimes the sound actually reminds me of Sacrilegeous' stuff. There's certain disarming awkwardness to this too, another similarity there I suppose. I don't really know what more to say about this, except that the demo was dedicated to My Dying Bride. Wonder if they ever found out about that? A weird demo and hard to say whom I should recommend this to, but I'm certain somewhere out there someone will cherish and treasure this half an hour offering too.

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