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Wakboth - Reh.demo 1'95

Wakboth (fin) - Rehearsal demo 1 1995
1) Les rois noirs
2) Pahan prinssi
3) Metsän valtakunta

Mega / RGhost

Finnish black metal, here is Wakboth with their rehearsal demo from 1995, the rip courtesy of brother Suuret Muinaiset. Thank you! No cover and I'm not sure if there ever was one. Obviously I want a scan if it exists. I haven't heard the '96 demo "Dreamking" nor the "new" tape released in 2005 so can't compare the material to those. I've read on M.A. that this would be black/thrash so I presume that's how the later material sounds like. I wouldn't really go label this as black/thrash, just black metal. UPDATE: Well, now I have the 2005 tape and the new material is really straight up black/thrash, not bad on first listen but I prefer the approach here. The '96 demo part is also thrasing and has a shitty sound, worse than here.

As you might know, Wakboth is also the nom de guerre of the Utgard and Azazel string player who handled both guitar and vocals in this project. In a way this already has similarities to what he'd much later play with Azazel. Not going to make too much comparisons with Utgard since I haven't really listened to their stuff as extensively as Azazel's. Rehearsal demo but I think it has a good, raw sound which fits well with the music. Not sure if there's actually more than guitars, vocals and drums on this one but sometimes that's enough. First two tracks are short, less than three minutes while the third goes to more usual territory at 4:26 and is musically closer to the first song, both are midtempo in their pace, though "Les rois..." is a bit simpler overall. The second song is the fastest and most viciously aggressive of the lot and stands out for me. The vocals are harsh and range between raspy roars and piercing shrieks, above average performance. I want to mention also the drums that are very audible here, but not overtly dominant, I really enjoy them. This recording leaves me wanting to hear the rest of the material, which was conveniently enough released on one tape. Now I just need to find it. (UPDATE: I got it, thanks DM!) Meanwhile this is recommended, especially if you're into Wakboth's later endeavours (not sure about Absence which I haven't heard).

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GREV kirjoitti...


I've these:

Dreamking, demo 2'96 & Wakboth titled cass.lp.

Thanks to SM & You for this.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Oh you've the cass.LP too? Good to know, the Russians had a rip of it but links are dead now, I'm going to see if someone reuploads it. If not, well, then it is to raid your trove again!

Kurgan kirjoitti...

Kurgan stands by his oath - the blood is poisoned...

To the subject matter though - awesome post! Have been wanting to hear this for centuries, since Utgard material is really inspirational sometimes. Thank you everyone involved!

Mr. Velkaarn - could you please translate the titles of tracks #2 and #3? I hope #2 does NOT mean "Pagan prince" though, what a homosexual title that would be... Thanks in advance!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Glad to be of assistance. Well, the tranlations would be something like: pahan prinssi = the prince of evil and metsän valtakunta = the kingdom of the forest.

GREV kirjoitti...

@Velkaarn. I could ask Absence demos through Marko if you need?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Have you heard them? Thrash Metal/Hardcore isn't really my favourite combo but they might still be interesting. Sure, why not?

GREV kirjoitti...

@Velkaarn. I haven't heard them, but Marko promised to ask those from some friends.

By the way... some re-releases from Wakboth's material maybe coming out.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Ok, thanks! Hmm, probably re-releasing the '05 tape, I wager, though I think these tracks would be good enough to be included. Keep me posted. ;)

Стас Проклятый kirjoitti...

Once again, thank you. Maybe I will give a demo album in 2005, but I do not know. If I get it, I'll tell you.