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Myrkwid - Hymn demo 1998

Myrkwid - Hymn demo IV 1998
1) The Witch
2) A Night...
3) Fog
4) Krigsgud
5) Hymn!
6) Hulemdverg

Rusfolder / Mega

The fourth and last Myrkwid demo of the batch I was sent, thanks once again to my contributor! A large cover scan is included, with a bit more stuff on it this time around. The sound is a little off-balanced, favouring the right speaker. I've experimented adjusting the sound slightly, the difference isn't very great, just enough to make it more balanced but in the end decided to upload the rip I got as-is instead of meddling. If someone wants to hear the "balanced" version let me know and I'll upload it.

Someone said the first four Myrkwid demos would be the best ones so I guess this ends a chapter here. Much is similar to the previous demos but still slight progress has happened. This one is also the longest of the bunch but features an oldie as "Hulemdverg" from demo I is revisited. If you've enjoyed your journey with Myrkwid so far I suppose there's no reason not to listen to this part as well. Personally I like this probably second best of the bunch. Recommended and see the old posts.

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