maanantai 12. tammikuuta 2015

Myrkwid - 3 demo 1998

Myrkwid - 3 demo III 1998
1) In the Black...
2) Evil...
3) The Mystical...

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Enough Finns for now, let's continue with the Myrkwid demos I was sent last year. This is the third one, titled cleverly "3". The cover is extremely minimalistic this time and looks like the song titles might've been left incomplete to add to the mystery. Or perhaps he suddenly started to really like ellipses? Which I, by the way, intensely dislike. But let's not judge him by that. There's some further background on the old Myrkwid posts for the curious.

Three songs like on the previous recording, but this is much shorter which might be a relief to those who felt the songs on first and second demo were too long and a bummer to the ones who enjoy the repetitive, lenghty numbers. No need to be really worried though, it's still the same stuff with the same rough sound. To be honest I don't really have much to say now, if you liked the earlier Myrkwid demos you're probably into this too. Might be a pretty "easy" pick to start with, if you're unfamiliar with the project.

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