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Silence of Graveyard - Храм вечной скорби demo 2000

Silence of Graveyard - Храм вечной скорби demo 2000
1) Могильная тишина
2) Пред краем бездны
3) Погребение
4) Храм вечной скорби
5) ...И разверглись небеса

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From Finland to abroad again with another contribution sent by Eugene, thanks once more, this was actually sent before the compilation I posted first thing this year here, but that one took priority. This item is a demo of Russian project Silence of Graveyard, hailing from Voronezh and this is the extent of our information for now. The title translates as "Temple of Eternal Grief" and individual tracks (rough Google translations... which you could've done yourself) "Sepulchral Silence", "Before the Edge of the Abyss", "Funeral" and something about heaven that didn't translate correctly. So, looks quite gothy and darkwavey based on the titles and the image of the artist standing by someone's grave.

Sounds too, music is instrumental darkwave with at times almost martial percussions and some electric guitar for that extra bite. Though I got this labeled as dungeon synth I'm reluctant to call it that myself as even if I do feel the dungeon vibe at times I think this feels more gothic, mournful and funereal than medieval, nostalgic or, uh, fantastic. Then again, the sound does vary from track to track and some bits feel totally appropriate so I'm kinda on the fence here. Well, I'm no authority or a specialist on the genre in the end so I suppose I just include that tag too. Eugene called the music "kinda second-rate DS" but I seem to like this today. The rip is low bitrate, unfortunately, but the sound is good. Give it a try!

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Eugene kirjoitti...

I personaly get some "HanSomReiste-ish" vibes from tracks 3-5, there's something related to Burzum keyboard music in this one. Silence Of Graveyard is kinda borderline artist, like DS crossed with neoclassical stuff.

About the 5th track title: it's grammatically incorrect, the right translation is "... And the heavens opened", probably Bible reference.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yes, that's a good call, should've name dropped that myself. Heck, I just listened to Burzum the other day! Thanks for clarifying the final title as well, thought it'd be something on those lines.