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Anatomy - Live 14-04-1995

Anatomy - Live in Australia, 14th April 1995
1) Last Pleasures for Those of the Apocalypse
2) Twisting Depths of Horror
3) Armagedoom
4) Forbidden Realms
5) Under the Wings
6) The Call for Doom
7) Freezing Moon
8) Where Angels Die

Yandex / Zippyshare

Here's another Australian contribution, this one sent by brother Wehrwolf, ripped from his tape the other month. Thanks again! Anatomy was one of the better known names from down under in the 90's, or at least I believe so, having formed already in '89, active till 2000 and have reunited recently and according to at least one eyewitness are in great live form too. Today's item is their live tape but this is from 20 years ago... '95 is already twenty years ago?!? Oh how does the time fly... yeah, I was saying ripped from a tape that didn't have a cover, so I made a placeholder using the old Chris Moyen art for the '93 EP and the more recent logo as seen above.

The show features six out of the seven tracks from their '96 debut album "Where Angels Die" plus title track from the '93 EP and a Mayhem cover. Total playtime comes close to the magical 45 minutes, also known as one side of a cassette tape back in the day. Good quality dub as well as sound too, gets a little messy in places but generally quite powerful and easy enough to hear different instruments and sing along to the lyrics. If you're not familiar with Anatomy's music, they play black/death metal. Never saw that coming, did you? Anyways, it's generally more in the warlike and brutal way rather than the melodic and mellow form. So definitely in the Canadian/Australian school rather than Swedish. Though there are some melodic bits, to be honest. Recommended (obviously) for the fans of the band, Aussie-aficionados and blackened death metal enthusiasts.

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