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Fiendish Nymph - Demo '94

Fiendish Nymph - Demo I 1994
1) Into the Abyss of Eternity
2) The Blazing Shades of the Distant Moonlight
3) Katara

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This one has been in the limbo again for much longer than it should have been. Fiendish Nymph of Greece, whose '96 promo tape I posted two years ago here, and their first demo from '94. As became the trend in their later releases, this one has no proper name and is very short - one "real" song in the middle and an intro plus outro. I pondered for a while if I should title this "demo I" (discarded, it does not say so anywhere in the covers) or "demo 1994" (this one won) or yet again just "Fiendish Nymph" (I can't bear having multiple self-titled releases!) and even worse, which rip to use?

You see, initially around the time I posted the promo I had only found a really poor quality dub I had. Then brother Grev sent me a rip he had, decent quality and all, and Fenrirsson offered to scan and rip his copy and of course THEN I did finally stumble upon the better dub I had and didn't think I'd ever find. In the end I decided to use that one and Fenrirsson's scans, due to personal preferences of sound. But this certainly was a team effort, thanks to all involved!

Ok, like I said very short tape again and the proper song is in the vein of later FN stuff, midtempo black metal with whispery main voice and mystical pagan atmospheres. Neither the intro or outro are really that great, they're just there but main course is delish enough. Then again I've always been a fanboy. Recommended if you enjoy their other releases and/or the Daemonia Nymphe stuff!

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Thanks for this pleasant surprise! Pure magick!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're welcome, I should have uploaded it sooner! I've always loved Fiendish Nymph, it was such a pity they called it quits. Then again, at least they called it a day while still ahead.

pagan kirjoitti...

Awesome! I listen regularly to their promo, found on this blog no less. Keep up the good work

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yeah that's a great tape too! I like the EP as well and the cassette album was good too though recycled a lot of stuff. Plus it seems to work better in small doses, leaves you hungry for more, know what I mean?

Panacea kirjoitti...

Thanks for this Velkaarn, Fiendish Nymph stuff is always appreciated.
That EP is also one of my favorite releases from the Greek scene.
I remember an email i send to Pantelis Giasafakis about his project Arcane and had the chance to talk to him about Fiendish Nymph and why they split up.
If i remembered correct he replied that they had to split ways with his brother since he was more into other musical directions while his brother Spyros wanted to continue with Daemonia Nymphe.Pantelis also participated on the last Equimanthorn release.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're welcome and thanks for sharing that info, I thought something along that path to have been the reasons for the split.

Stormcreature kirjoitti...

Thank you.