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Lamentation - Prophecies demo 1991

Lamentation [bra] - Prophecies demo 1991
1) Intro
2) Dark Prophecy

RGhost / Mega

Did you come here hoping for something by the Greek Lamentation? Too bad, that's not on the menu today. This is the Brazilian Lamentation, mentioned here and apparently this demo was originally released in December '90 under the Bestial monicker and then again under the new name in '91. Besides this recording in two versions there is a Bestial live demo also dating to '90 and except for possible rehearsal tapes nothing else which is a bit of a bummer as I really dig Luis "Zoca or Apocalyptic Preacher" Fernando's sound. I'd really like to get my hands on that live demo so let me know if you have it. Not to mention the hypothetical rehearsal tapes. Cover scan taken from the Metal Archives.

I got this short demo dubbed with a bunch of other more-or-less exotic black metal items a few years ago and hesitated a long time to upload it as the dub quality was, to put it politely, shit. Low volume and absolutely massive hiss, you know the sort. Then, after finally just deciding to go with it, I discovered I had already picked up a vastly superior rip of this online. It'd appear to be the rip posted originally by user macchipazzi in '08 and re-posted '10 by user name Okkultis on the MetalArea forum. Well, good job wasting a surprisingly large amount of time on a very short tape, me. Idiot. Right, anyhow this might seem like a pointless repost then but since I really wanted to do this one, I've uploaded the MA rip and included for your listening displeasure the extremely poor quality rip I made of the billionth generation dub in my possession. Plus it kinda fits nicely after the Fiendish Nymph demo, they've a lot in common you know! Mainly the whispery vocals and slowish pace. Perhaps the sound too. Slightly. And both are very short. Come from warm climates. Recommended to people who liked the Abygor demo, (old) Black Crucifixion, Fiendish Nymph and "Drawing Down the Moon" ...wait everyone likes that, uh, let's day Darkstyle.

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