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Striid - War 2000 demo '00

Striid - War 2000 demo 2000 (original version 1999)
1) Hans siste vinter
2) Episode of Centuries I
3) Episode of Centuries II
4) Episode of Centuries III
5) Episode of Centuries IV
6) Episode of Centuries V
7) ***

Yandex / Mega

Let's get a bit more serious with another black metal contribution, this one by brother Baldemar, thank you! Striid was the solo project of the Lugubre founding member, well, Striid who released three demos under his name and this was the first of them. Metal Archives informs us this was originally titled simply "War" and released in 1999 limited to 66 copies, then re-released by Legion productions again limited to 66 copies which would be the version at hand here. Though the scans B kindly included do not match with M.A. version which looks fake and the tracklisting given there for this version is wrong too. Like the original version, this starts with the Darkthrone cover, continues with the five parts of "Episode of Centuries" and ends with a track not listed for the original version "***" which I guess would be first track "War 2000" on the M.A. listing. Perhaps there were actually two versions released on Legion after all? Or perhaps the information is just incorrect. Whatever, this is correct. The other two Striid demos were re-released on a compilation CD called "Warmageddon" back in 2003. Not sure why this one wasn't included there.

Like the cover song choice possibly indicates, Striid played raw black metal and at this phase was a one-man band. "Hans siste vinter" is performed well enough and sticking to the original formula, voice is a raw rasp, not as deliciously over the top as Nocturno Culto's performance but good enough. The original songs are in similar vein, not quite as repetitive though. Part II of "Episode" adds silly shifted vocals and neat slow parts to contrast the quicker paces. All parts have some individual quirks but still sound uniform enough to be parts of a whole. I'm trying to discern a shift in sound and performance for the last track but it really sounds like being from the same session as the rest so I must again question the entry on the Archives. Anyways, it's a short and fast one, I wonder if it'd be properly titled "War" as that title appears remixed along with the Darkthorne cover on the second demo, yet the running time does not match at all. Must remain a mystery as I do not have the other Striid demos or the compilation at hand to compare. If you enjoy raw and lo-fi sort of demo sound solo black metal (naturally with a lifeless unholy drum machine) you might want to have a listen to this tape.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

This is a foundingmember of Lugubre instead of Lugubrum.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Oh hell, that's what I meant but somehow typed Lugubrum! Thanks for the heads up, fixing now!

kingpossum kirjoitti...

One listen pretty much reveals it's a one-man-band caper: each track is largely a one riff/one beat/one vocal idea. No matter, the repetition thing works for me and I don't shy away from folks experimenting just to see what happens. This is the kind of thing I'll play at low volume while working on the laptop, because it keeps a steady energy and doesn't distract me with lyrical or musical content.

I once had something like this going while reviewing a presentation and my colleague asked, "what's wrong with your computer?". Mission accomplished.

Thanks for the post and thanks Anonyymi for the correction.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yes, there are certain signs that immediately bring such revelations. I suppose you're on right track about each part being a playfield for certain idea though most have more variation than the DT classic! Heh, not sure if master Striid appreciates the notion of having created perfect background music. :D But well, art is for consumption once it leaves one's hands.

That was really an embarassing error with the Lugies by me, ugh. Good thing it was promptly spotted.