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Satanel - The Dark Triumphator demo 1996

Satanel - The Dark Triumphator demo 1996
1) Ascent Wisdom
2) Their Blood Shall Be Shed as Dust
3) I Am What You Awaits
4) In Evil and Sin
5) Hail to the Night
6) Diabolical Summoning

Rusfolder / Mega

Back to Europe and one of my tapes for change, I bought this demo by the Italians Satanel simply because it features personnel of Evol (Lord of Sorrow, to be specific) which I am somewhat a fanboy of. Top scientists of our day are still trying to figure out why. Well, whatever, I had no unrealistic expectations for this tape as I read quite unflattering reviews for it and obviously it was going to be quite different from Evol's very, very synth-heavy, half-ambient half-black metal style. As it's ripped from an original tape the sound is as good as it'll get, minor wear however present, and I've included the cover scans for your reading pleasure (there is quite a bit of text and it's somewhat entertaining).

The intro sounds actually like something you might encounter on an Evol recording though they tended to add vocals to these and this is instrumental. First proper track makes the point that this is black metal and of the no-nonsense aggressive sort too very quickly. I was actually slightly surprised at how tradionally metal this sounds, with barely any fruit flavour present. The congregation is still slightly divided whether guitar solos are considered fruity or not, personally I vote nay (ref. Bathord, Slayer etc.) but everyone is entitled their opinion. They're present, whatever the verdict. Vocals are mostly angry sort of gravelly barks except for the last track which opens with tolling bells, percussion and shrieks and howls that harken to Evol's "Sorrow of the Witch" to my great delight, this must be the screams Lord of Sorrow is credited on the covers for. Some unclear spoken passages there too. Aside from the first intro song, the rest are quite compact in their running times, with "I Am..." being shortest at less than two minutes and "In Sin..." and "Their Blood..." longest at nearly four minutes. The band released an EP, a split with Lord of Sorrow's other band Death Dies and two albums, none of which I've heard. Must do so, this has some nice bits. Why don't you have a listen too?

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zargonath kirjoitti...

We must go to the same sanatorium. Here another old evol fanboy.... whyyy??

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


My research actually indicates it's surprisingly common; ranging from a secret vice to open fanboy/-girlism. I trust you've the compilation with both demos and two live tracks? I wish I could find either the whole show or another live tape.

Draco Fenrirsson kirjoitti...

Oh, Evol was/is a secret vice for sure. I really enjoyed their demos because they were clunky and poorly played, but still had "something". The debut album just sounded really flat, and I stopped listening afterwards. They seemed to get really bad coverage, just because they reeked of cheese ultimately; might have just been their bad English, or that their lyrical direction was, well, pretty pedestrian by all accounts. No-one could ever justify the Princess of Disease being a full time member, though could they? I did enjoy the fact, as a side note, that Death Dies (or it might have been Satanel???) didn't hide their admiration for Fascism though... Oh, what the kids nowadays can't be bothered flirting with.

The Italian scene used to really fucking suck, didn't it?

May be able to furnish Evol Live in Grenoble, France 31 December 1996 if you really want? It's the same as the gig on Youtube, however.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Oh, you too? The Evol psychosis knows no boundaries! And yeah, I also recall they were pretty widely bashed which kind of adds to the fascination. The Princess' presence is essential to the project; an archetypical female "vocalist" of the sort I tend to refer to in many other entries! I was actually surprised how she stuck along for so long, I guess she was really into it.

I remember something about Fascism too, wasn't it generally Lord of Sorrow's thing so it might've been both or either of DD and S? I had forgotten about the Grenoble live on the tube, in general I tend to overlook that as source of stuff, tells how badly out of touch I am. Things there have been often quite lacking in the sound quality but I'll have a better look, there seem to be several versions available.