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Black Autumn - Grief demo 1993

Black Autumn - Grief demo 1993
1) Intro
2) Demonic Incantation
3) Gates of Hell
4) Temple of Grief
5) Outro

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Death metal, from Sweden. So 90's! This is Black Autumn who appear to be quite obscure and seem to have recorded only this demo which was dubbed among tapes I acquired some time ago, thanks to the sender! Metal Archives' limited info includes a sligthly different, possibly incomplete or incorrect, tracklisting than my tape, having the last track "Temple of Grief" and outro together as "Untitled..." and obviously I'm more inclined to trust my version here. No covers I'm afraid and nothing is found online.

The demo has a bit murky demo sound which is still clear enough to hear all instruments very clearly and has this cavernous feel to it. Sounds actually at times quite powerful. Music is old school Swedish death metal with a slower, doomy tempo. Would actually go as far as just call it doom/death. All three proper songs are quite long, over six minutes, while both intro and outro are short. Vocals are exclusively deathly roars bellowed in a rather convincing, powerful manner. Another recording I find myself enjoying more on repeated listens, it appears! Somewhat repetitive, though. Unfortunately the sound quality takes a dip to worse for the last track, a classical case of uneven dub quality on sides A and B, I guess. Despite the repetitiveness and flawed sound quality should go well over in today's retro-friendly death metal-revivalist environment, especially to people who like slower and doomy death metal. I should probably dig up a rip with the MA tracklisting to see if the quality dive occurs on their dub as well.

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