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Alastaro über alles (bootleg compilation)

Various Artists - Alastaro über alles bootleg compilation "2014" (CD-R 199? / 200?)
M.O.T.U. - Exclusive Tracks:
1) Maxillofacial Ultrabrutalectomy
2) Discodeath
3) Osteoporotic Tissue Fragmentation
4) Jazz Club Saturnus
5) My First Riff
6) Endotracheal Thrombophlebitis
7) Hopeinen kuu
8) Improvisaatio
Orvonton - Demo I 1997:
9) Intro
10) Hyperkrist - Kirkebrannens natt
11) Drep de falske
12) 'S.R.201'
Sacrilegeous - Exclusive Unreleased & Demo Tracks:
13) Haunted Mental Hospital
14) Ereht Tuo Si Hturt Eht
15) Naar skyggene vandrar over Hornafjörður
16) Blaspherious to Evil
17) Sacrilegeous Suicide
18) Into Evigheten
19) Død kalm
20) This Is Who We Are
Evil0 - Exclusive Unreleased Tracks:
21) G.B.H.
22) Scifi
Gothmog [fin] - Exclusive unreleased track:
23) Sathanas der Shoppe Bok Bok

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It was Father's Day today in Finland as well as in several other northern countries and I decided to commemorate it with another big post... actually originally I was going to do a non-metal item but then thought it was high time I'd post this contribution sent last year by brother Grev, who also happens to be a father so merry Father's Day G and thanks! So, certain portion of my readers love Sacrilegeous and I think we already mentioned this compilation in one of the discussions somewhere in the comment sections, note that it actually has no name: Alastaro über alles is just something Grev decided to call it when he sent the lot to me and I kind of went on with it. To the extent of making a phony cover for it. Yes, the "symbols" around Baphomet are this. Sometimes I really spend my time in dumb ways. Right, so it's sort of a bootleg yet kind of semi-official as it is ripped from a CD-R Grev got from master Necrodesecrator when he ordered a copy of the Nordic Landscapes of Hessdalen EP and asked if older material was available. He did not mention when this was and I've forgotten to ask so we remain uncertain until he eventually tells us. Because just asking him would be too simple.

A note with the tracklisting.

Enough backstory, to the contents. There's a bit over an hour of material, most of time going to M.O.T.U. (21:34) and Sacrilegeous (31:22) parts, while Orvonton and Evil0 both get their roughly six minutes of spotlight and Gothmog the Finnish version represents for 1½ minutes. Not very even division but considering those are his main projects it is to be expected. M.O.T.U. is a mixed bag, starting with an instrumental metal-lish song that wouldn't sound too much out of place on a Sacrilegeous demo, continues with techno-industrial, more almost jazzy and groovy metallic stuff, with and without bizarre robot vox to a schlager classic cover and improvisation. Orvonton starts with an "intro" of static noise, thankfully short, followed by fast and quite harsh (industrial) black metal with obvious and dominant drum machine. It's no Mysticum but interesting nevertheless. Sacrilegeous part here is in the somewhat calmer and more atmospheric vein, with the familiar sound. Mostly instrumental too. Contrary to what one might guess by the song titles, "Blaspherious to Evil" and "Sacrilegeous Suicide" are NOT thinly disguised Deicide covers, first is a synth track and second in the more usual Sacrilegeous metal track style. And so on, you know S. well enough by now. Evil0 is techno/industrial, mostly instrumental if you don't count some quite annoying voice samples. That's enough about that. Gothmog, perhaps surprisingly, is brutal and bestial black metal with unhuman machine drumming and sounds something like Havohej / Profanatica combined with Corneus / Grausamkeit, to make a really crude comparison. Or maybe not. But perhaps that gives some kind of an idea. Recommended obviously to all fans of Necrodesecrator's work as well as those constantly on the look for curiosities of the Finnish underground.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Hell yeah, more Sacrilegeous. Thanks guys! Really digging that Gothmog track. Do you know if he did anything else under that name?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're welcome and I have no idea if there was more Gothmog stuff, this track is the only piece I've encountered so far. Perhaps Grev might know better, but I fear this is a one-shot. Wouldn't mind a full demo even if it was only like 2-3 tracks more!

kingpossum kirjoitti...

Cheers to father Grev (I'm one too so I'll toast myself as well) and thank you for another great contribution. Thanks Sir Velkaarn for diigging so deep for the cover art as to weave in a race circuit layout, undoubtedly a first in BM artwork and not unlikely a first in all of musical recorded history. On second look it sort of resembles the Aphex Twin logo, so perhaps there's been some techno raving going on at the Velkaarn house that inspired it. Just musing as I haven't even listened to the thing yet.

I'll troll my hard drive to see if there's any Gothmog there. The name sounds familiar, though I could be confusing it with something else. And no, I am not confusing it with the Uriah Heep album title Abominog.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're welcome & I bet you find it an interesting listen, certainly something different again. Aphex Twin isn't really that far fetched as you'll notice somewhere therein. :D

Maybe you're thinking about the German Gothmog I've posted earlier and very different from this?

GREV kirjoitti...

Yep, father's day is over and the next "event" is Friday the 13th, when is my birthday.

But, you're welcome Brother Velkaarn, Anonymous & Master kingpossum.
What about Gothmog's material. Well, I have only this one... (well, except German & Spanish Gothmog's)

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Well, I'll drink a toast for you on Friday then! Oh yeah there's the Spanish Gothmog too, I tend to forget them... and I'm pretty sure I ran across at least one more not too long ago, better check! It certainly was not this one though.

GREV kirjoitti...

@Velkaarn. Cheers! I'm at the local youth center on Friday night (voluntary works)... so, maybe I drink some beers late at night ;)