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Rotting Christ - Live Athens 7-5-1994

Rotting Christ - Live in Athens, Greece 7th May 1994
1) Intro
2) The Sign of Evil Existence
3) Transform All Suffering Into Plagues
4) Fgmenth, Thy Gift
5) Visions of the Dead Lovers
6) Exiled Archangels
7) The Forest of N'Gai
8) The Mystical Meeting [incomplete!]


To celebrate me finally going to see something live after a long break (Uncle Acid & co tomorrow at Tavastia) I decided to do a live tape. And this time it is (yet another) Greek item and when it comes to black metal material it doesn't get much more Greek than vintage Rotting Christ, does it? This was a contribution sent to me as a .wav so I've split it up to tracks and converted into mp3, thanks to the contributor, much appreciated! Unfortunately it's not fully complete as the last track cuts a bit. There's no cover for this, but I felt like making a placeholder as seen above.

This one has a pretty good sound, sure there is audience noise, a brief dropout on the fifth track and so on but the instruments are quite easily heard and it's pleasant to listen to in general instead of a test of fortitude and hearing comprehension like some other live tapes I've had here. The setlist is obviously excellent, assuming you enjoy old school RC (not grind-old-school, mind you!) and the performance enthusiastic and Sakis' voice in good form. Comparing this to the official live released the other year makes me wish time travel at least in observant's form would be possible. That is enough, recommended and has really very little to do with the gig I'm going to see but hey that was a decent enough link to this. As always, bootleg live recordings are very welcome! Especially if you have the '95 Cyprus gig which I had on a tape that broke. How I hate cassettes.

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Draco Fenrirsson kirjoitti...

I truly wonder if they did any full shows around their "Satanas Tedeum" era. Personally the only RC material that I enjoy. Still gotta chuckle after all these years about that pink smoke, especially since other bands at the time were "uber-evil" haha

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I don't know for certain but I am under the impression that they did not. I seem to recall an old interview I read had something about that but can't seem to remember which one it was. Perhaps someone will pop up with more definite information?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Also, pink smoke ist krieg! :D

panoschained kirjoitti...

Hail Velkaarn

Panos Chained here.

These links does not work

p.sQ I've send you an email. check it out.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Hails brother, good to "see" you! Yeah, sadly these are both kind of crappy fileservices and rusfolder I think expires after certain time of inactivity on the file. I will reupload right now and also email you back in a bit!