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Bestial Warlust - Demo 1995

Bestial Warlust - Demo 1995
1) Blood & Valour
2) Death Rides Out
3) Wrath
4) I the Warrior
5) March of Hells Militia (+ Outro)

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I decided to take a little breather after the last Black Flames festival before posting as the Mysticum gig made everything else seem futile and obsolete. Now that I've almost recovered from the impact I thought it'd be a good time to do a sending by brother Fenrirsson, further assisted by Wehrwolf who provided a cover scan, seeing that Deströyer 666 played the song "Bestial Warlust" at the warm up event it is somewhat connected to the festival. Thanks to both gentlemen for their parts, this is Bestial Warlust with the '95 demo, recorded in between their two albums in January '95.

The four songs and outro instrumental are all rather short, savage and speedy so the whole affair lasts eleven minutes. Fenrirsson had originally left "I the Warrior" and "March..." together as one track (they do blend together) but I felt compelled to separate them as the tracklisting demands. That's all meddling I did. All "proper" tracks were re-recorded for the second album, "Wrath" becoming "Legion of Wrath" there. These versions obviously sound different, the guitars are much more dominant here than on the album versions and naturally everything is slightly rougher. Good demo sound still, no rehearsal tape madness here. In case you're not at all familiar with Bestial Warlust and/or Corpse Molestation they played black/death metal in often chaotic and warlike manner though the later material isn't quite as wild as the earlier stuff. Satanic war metal I recall it was called at some point of time. Recommended for the fans of the style or bands mentioned, collectors of OZ underground material and general endorsers of brutality.

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