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Mayhemic Truth - Rehearsal tape 2000

Mayhemic Truth - Rehearsal Tape 2000
1) This Bitch Will Burn at Night
2) In Memoriam
3) Straight War
4) Requiem

RGhost / Yandex

This week we're going to do things related to the last Black Flames of Blasphemy festival and start with a contribution by comrade LKS, thank you! Here are Mayhemic Truth and a rehearsal tape from 2000, the year they quit under this banner and took the name Morrigan for the future endeavours. And as you can see from the tracklisting, the songs of this session were later recorded for the debut Morrigan album "Plague, Waste and Death" in 2001. Recently things have turned around once again and we have Morrigan in inactive state, not for the first time, and Mayhemic Truth performing at BFoB. Well, I'm fine with this and I guess after witnessing several gigs where Morrigan play a MT song or few, this time it'll be MT doing a few select Morrigan cuts in their set.

But back to this tape, a rehearsal, sound would be fine if the cassette wasn't, once again, a bit wonky in the beginning. The first track suffers worst of the warping effect, it gets better and by "Straight War" it's completely fine. A shame but what can you do. The versions are obviously rawer takes than the ones that appear on the album but not really different, slightly shorter maybe. Three of the four songs present are on the fast-paced side of their coin and the last one represents the midtempo, epic side with some additional clean vocals which I personally prefer but it's essential to have some of both for a healthy diet. I don't think I have much more to add, I'm very biased as an old fanboy of both bands to write anything sensible anyways. Recommended to the fans, obviously, and also for people looking for decent Bathory substitutes.

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