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Alpheratz - Egregorian Oath demo 1996

Alpheratz - Egregorian Oath demo 1996
1) In the Beggining
2) All Was Everlasting
3) To Feel the Inossence Passion
4) Stillness
5) Septentrional Abiss
6) Infinity Sad
7) A Gloomy Remembrance

Yandex / Zippyshare

I thought we might chill today with another contribution, this is Alpheratz who hail from Mexico and released this one demo tape on Sempiternal Sadness before fading away again. Thanks to the contributor, who unfortunately did not have covers to send but I did borrow serviceable ones from Metal Archives and the Demo Archives II. Alpheratz played "black funeral music" (not sure if actual label description) or "ocult & black ambients" (their own words) which would be a mixture of dark ambient and darkwave sounds with slow, atmospheric black metal. A bit like proto-dsbm actually.

This tape was somehow familiar to me before receiving the contribution but I'm no longer sure where I recall this from, some old 'zine most likely or perhaps flyers. I'm positive I hadn't heard it before, though. It's pretty long, more than half an hour, and has a decent enough sound, if a bit sparse. That gives it a nice roomy, almost airy feel though. The first short song serves as an intro and is followed by a longer track that is characterized by a plodding tempo, buzzing distorted guitars, spaced-out keyboards and viciously grating, raspy black metal main vocals. Some clean vocals provide support but are enough in the background as not to disturb me. Next track which also is the longest adds what I'm quite sure are female session vocals or perhaps the guy has a really wide range? It's also slightly more upbeat and has sort of wavey feel to it. I like the buzzing, wavering guitars which sound like they might collapse any moment. The somewhat abrupt switches also amuse me here more than annoy. Not to mention the trippy synths and obvious drum machine. "Stillness" seems to combine animal husbandry with quasi-gregorian moods which is pretty goofy, as is the later part of the song too. "Infinity Sad" features some crazy keyboard sounds that are practically random. There is certain clumsy charm to this again and I find myself enjoying the recording, possibly more than I actually should. It does feel a little longer than necessary, I admit. Recommended to the friends of the curious and exotic.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

Hawkwind goes BM! Mega. Love this, thanks for the post.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

I was very pleased to come across this gem after so many years. I had a tape dub of this demo back in the 90s that I received from a Norwegian tape trader. Over the years of many moves it was lost. I think it's a good example of early ambient black metal. And surprisingly from a Mexican band. Not so surprising actually since Mexico has produced some highly innovative music only they rarely receive any attention. At the time they reminded me of the demo material of Lithuanian band Anubi. Lithuania also had a unique group of bands in the mid 90s. I'm glad to finally see this demo on the web. I was keeping an eye out for awhile now. Another one down,thanks!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

@kingpossum & anonymous:

You're welcome, gents! It is quite innovative indeed and I was a little surprised to not find it anywhere online earlier.