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Bleed Me Tears - Bedimmed Grey demo 1997

Bleed Me Tears - Bedimmed Grey demo 1997
1) Bedimmed Grey
2) The Soothsayer
3) Of Dream and Reality

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Today's post also has a very, very slight connection with the BFoB festival, it is a request made last June by an anonymous commentor on this post where I was able to provide a little information (with assistance of brother Grev) and kind of left the rest for the future. By chance while we were drinking beer and falling into Mysticum psychosis / Xibalba ("they're the Darkthrone of Mexico!") mania at brother Suuret Muinaiset's place I spotted this in one of his cassette boxes, remembered the discussion about it and borrowed the tape. So thanks to SM, I've now scanned and ripped the '97 demo by Helsinki melodeath band Bleed Me Tears. I suppose I'll return it... next year or so, maybe at Profanatica?

Grev described this, in a rather unenthusiastic manner, as "more melodic death metal" in the Gothony comments and Suuret Muinaiset wasn't exactly thrilled about the demo either so I braced myself for the initial listen. As expected, typical for the era melodeath metal, less all over the place than Gothony was and with longer songs. More straightforward, easier to listen approach and I now find myself thinking this actually sounds a bit Swedic to my ears. Main vocals are a raspy half-roar found often in the genre, ok but not outstanding or very distinct in either way. Unfortunately they also feel necessary to employ half-assed clean vocals which pretty much ruin the second song. Good studio sound, it was recorded with Hiili after all in the M.D. studios. I find myself not coming up with much to say, as I've probably made already clear this is not my field of expertise. Well, the samples (?) in between the songs are mildly amusing and make me want to listen to Karjalan Sissit. Recommended to people into old Nordic melodeath and collectors of somewhat obscure Finnish demo recordings.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Oh, hey! That was me that asked. Thanks for this. :)

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

You're welcome, occasionally it pays off to ask! ;)

kingpossum kirjoitti...

Sir Velkaarn: FYI my system blocked the dl from RGhost for "malicious file". I don't use 4Shared because here in the US you have to log into it using a social platform like Facebook. Any any chance for a re-up via Zippy or something?

Thanks for the posts as always. Been busy here but hope to be back in on the Comments fun soon.

Paljon kiitoksia

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Is that so? Hmm, do you mind checking if there's the same issue with some other RGhost link too so I'd know if the service is not compatible with overseas comrades. Meanwhile, I reupped it to Sendspace, hope that'll work!

kingpossum kirjoitti...

Hearty thanks for reupping on Sendspace. It worked fine. I've used RGhost without problems elsewhere. Ironically files via Sendspace from the Antropophobia blog always get flagged as malicious in my system. But only from there. Maybe the host is actually a hacker posing as a BM guy?

Anyway, I appreciate your effort because I rather like this. These guys can craft and arrange a song, no doubt. And I've always kind of dug this style--the juxtaposition of the melodic with the black-ish sounds. That said, the clean vocals do indeed ruin Track 2. Note to band: if you're going to do clean vocals, make sure the vocalist can actually carry a tune. Perhaps they'd caught a bit of Opeth in the wind and thought, 'we can do that too'. Maybe that's where you're getting the Swedic thing from. Second note to band: Opeth's guy who does the clean vox can actually sing.

Much thanks to Grev, SM and you for having this thing wind it's curious path to getting to the Coven.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Good to read Sendspace worked out better! I haven't encountered issues myself with Anthro's links but can't seem to download anymore from filesampo (sp?) links the Russians are fond of using at MetalArea.

Hmm, Opeth was slowly getting known at that time, I think they only had the first two Candlelight rex albums out though and I can't remember how much he sang on those ones. But the songs were looooong and progressive, that I remember. I think the songwriting is more fluent here than the Gothony which I seem to be comparing this to all the time. Another point, I find myself digging that cover image, it has almost 3D look to it, don't you think?

kingpossum kirjoitti...

Yes the cover art is as intriguing as the music here. Indeed 3D-ish, or like one of those old lenticular things where the image moves when you tip it. Here the eye could wink for example when you tipped it back and forth. Cosmic cheese, as it were.

1+e^(i*pi)=0 kirjoitti...

"Ironically files via Sendspace from the Antropophobia blog always get flagged as malicious in my system. But only from there. Maybe the host is actually a hacker posing as a BM guy?"

I hope it's a poor joke... Btw, i've bought a new computer, maybe now things gets better now.

1+e^(i*pi)=0, Antropophobia.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


"I hope it's a poor joke... " I'd assume that. Personally haven't had issues but I know many overseas folk have come across issues downloading from euro fileshares.