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Eternal Darkness #13 / Canadian Assault #4

Eternal Darkness, issue 13 / Canadian Assault, issue 4 split fanzine (November 1999)
Interviews - Eternal Darkness:
Vulpecula / Ares Kingdom
Incubus (old interview)
Order From Chaos (old interview)
+ reviews & Sadistik Exekution live pics
Interviews - Canadian Assault:
Shane's World (porn)
Pagan Records
Rites of Thy Degringolade
Damnation Records
+ reviews (including movies & old albums) and assorted filler (rant column, playlists, zine excerpts etc...)


Here's another scan sent by Pawel, thanks a lot! It's another split 'zine, featuring the 13th issue of the long-runner Eternal Darkness by Keith Dempe and 4th of Canadian Assault made by Dale Roy who had moved to the States circa his 3rd issue. I haven't read that many US 'zines myself, just some black metal ones and a couple of pretty shitty ones I wouldn't really call 'zines the way I understand them, like Grimoire of Exalted Deeds who get a bashing on these pages too. Both editors are old school-enthusiasts and it shows. There aren't that many bands interviewed here if you look at the content above, ED has two re-runs and Chuck Keller is interviewed twice (the second old intie) which sort of makes this feel more like a Order From Chaos / Vulpecula / Ares Kingdom fan club magazine. Well, the editor did run such and released assorted tapes by the bands. Great if you're a fan of the acts. The other interviews are reasonably long too though the Incubus one dating to late 80's wasn't at all my cup of poison. Life metallers to boot. The review section is separate and neat, easy to read like the rest of this side of the 'zine but the high amount of scores over 90 out of 100 really catches my eye. Slightly jarring considering how he writes about other 'zines and the state of the scene in general. From what I gather, his previous issue had been a HUGE two parter which apparently drained him pretty much fully and wasn't that successful in the end.

Canadian Assault side is slightly less tidy and features content I dismiss as filler; playlists taking up a page, rant I didn't bother reading as it was a chunky block of text, a picture collage of Venom, two pages of quotes from 'zines he'd read (though some very quite amusing or interesting, I'll give 'em that!) and so on. There are also loads of reviews which some people don't care about at all and some enjoy, spotting new (well, obviously old) bands to check out so the mileage varies for this content. What irks me is that out of the six interviews here one is the pornstar Shane of "Shane's World" (kids can google it) and two are label interviews which I'm not so keen on. Better still than having other 'zines or distro or such taking the space. Though the Pagan Records one is actually very good and interesting, Tomas being a veteran and relevant. The Damnation Recs one I didn't read. I feel like neither of the editors actually had enough stuff to put up a full issue even together but had agreed on certain amount of pages or something. Despite my bitching, the whole is still above the average and recommendable as 'zines always are to the time travellers, archaeologists and grave-robbers.

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Thanks for this and I wish you and all the contributors & readers VERY HEAVY XXXMAS! May the metal be with you!


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Happy holidays to you & family as well! I'll probably post something tomorrow too, on Xmas day not so likely as we're as per tradition going to Cryptborn rehearsal dungeon to perform black mass.