sunnuntai 6. joulukuuta 2015

Zines in Finnish

The Nocturnal 'zine, issue 2 (April 1994)
Denial of God
M.M.I. Records
Black Dawn
Slayer 'zine / Head Not Found
Pax Mortis
Sceptical Schizo
Hammer of Damnation
+ reviews, gig report


Apocryphal 'zine, issue 1 (1998)
+ Helwetti article, live review Easter Holocaust '98, demo reviews and news


Today is again Finnish independence day and this year I decided to use it as an excuse to post a pair of 'zines I've scanned written in Finnish so my apologies to our foreign friends. But at least both have pictures to look at if you are still curious enough to download them!

I was wondering if I should write the blog entry in Finnish too but since I've used English this far let's stick to that. Ok, so first one is the second and last issue of The Nocturnal 'zine made by messieurs Poskiparta (of Necrobiosis fame) and Rouhiainen, featuring cover art by Juha Vuorma and contributions by Ari "Sinister Satyr" Honkonen (Metalion interview & Morningstar article/bio) and Oliver Kraupa (live review of Impaled Nazarene / Ancient Rites gig). I borrowed this one from comrade passetiermes, thanks again! Dating to early '94 it is a more nostalgic and pleasant time capsule of the two for me personally, plus it features some more seldom seen bands. The professionalism and informative level might not be the highest though, but like I always say, amateurish 'zines are the best. Browsing through this reminds me I should get a hold of more Mystification (FF) material.

Second 'zine is the first issue of Apocryphal, also made by two gentlemen Jääskeläinen & Kaakkolahti from Leppävesi and in conspiracy with Volante's Artwork Prod. which explains the much fancier look this one has. I have no idea whether more issues were made as by the end of the century I bought less and less 'zines (and more and more booze - wonder if there's a connection?) but they do claim to have plans made for a second issue in the editorial. Right, this is a black metal 'zine, long interviews all of them which explains the smallish number and it was also released in A5 format which would be the other reason. Plus they botched something with the layout so there's a blank page (both sides even) which I faithfully scanned. Several pages of demo reviews as well. Where The Nocturnal 'zine editors joked and fooled around these lads are very serious all around. Trivia: I attended the '98 Easter Holocaust tour at Kuopio (I'm sure they did it at least twice, if not three times?) where it was held at the much smaller venue Valhalla metal bar. I wonder where else the tour went, I think it was like 3-4 places? As I seem to be starting to digress rather badly I suppose I should quit here. Recommended for the Finnish readers and to those who are learning the language. Not for the grammar though.

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GREV kirjoitti...

@Velkaarn. I'm late, but happy Independence day to you and thanks for all these posts that you have published!

I'm alive and kicking like those war-veterans (if anyone wonder where I'm hiding)

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Good to read from you. Busy season I wager? You have most of the Mystification (FF) tapes don't you? They played on most pretty standard death metal with some black-ish touches, do I remember right? I know I should have at least two of them but can't seem to find the damned things. Just remembered the band from The Nocturnal 'zine. Sove actually first recommended them to me back in the stone ages. I think it was because he was buddies with them, more than musical achievements!

GREV kirjoitti...


Yep, busy season and some health problems, but not any "serious"
I have two Mystification tapes in my collection (The Choir of Death & Promo '94) I used to have all four tapes, but I can't find first & fourth tapes anywhere?

Mystification style description is like you said. Standard Death with blackish touch (If I remember right?)

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Hmm, careful now we're not getting any younger y'know.

You too? I think I had "The Choir..." too, not sure if the other one was the first or the '94 promo. Better have another look. Oh, and obviously meant Sova not "sove" on the comment above!