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Impious Might - Demo 2008

Impious Might - Impious Might demo 2008
1) Slaughtering All Life
2) The Horned Fire

RGhost / Sendspace

Remember I said on the last post "one more" exotic item? Well, I lied, here is yet another and I daresay this should definitely count as exotic. This is Impious Might and I was told they hail from Angola - yes, this is the one I mentioned in the comments section of this post. Preciously little information, my contributor put it in as a filler and did not have tracklisting but seems like they have MySpace page, which, while still extremely lacking in details, included a logo and titles for these tracks on the player thingy. Music is black metal, quite raw and with (very) slight death metal touches.

Angola is one of many African countries colonized by European countries (in their case Portugal) until a war for independance which then lead to a long civil war. First elections were actually held in 2008 when this demo was recorded. Quite fertile ground for extreme music do you not agree? Provided the project really is from Angola, that is! Anyways, both of the two tracks run for a little under five minutes so the recording reaches a passable demo (or EP) duration. Raw, generally midpaced black metal with speedy parts, nothing really remarkable to be honest if you don't consider the (alleged) highly exotic origin. I actually expected more black/death bestial warmetallish approach but this sounds like something anyone influenced by the contemporary (north) European black metal scene might have created. Recommended for the fans of raw black metal, seekers of the exotics and would-be adventurer-archaeologists.

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