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Winter Moon - Into the Dragon's Dark Dominion demo 1995

Winter Moon - Into the Dragon's Dark Dominion demo I 1995
1) Into the Dragon's Dark Dominion (Part I)
2) Into the Dragon's Dark Dominion (Part II)
3) Beyond the Silence of Ancient Winter

Yandex / RGhost

It's been a while since last post that could honestly be called dungeon synth. We remedy that tonight with this contribution sent with a bunch of other things earlier this year, thank you to the sender again! Winter Moon of Sweden, more specific Linköping, was as usual a solo project and apparently on the second demo turned black metal. It was done by one Frederik H. Karlsson whose name I imagine to recognize from somewhere but then again it is sort of a typical Swedish name so I might be mistaken. Unlike the Finnish Wintermoon (who also went black metal on their second demo) whose "dark winter music" was borderline metal this is purely synth stuff. Unfortunately no cover sent nor found so I'd appreciate one!

Three songs over eighteen minutes and running in the order of longest to shortest. First song starts a little abruptly, while the last one ends similarily which makes me wonder if the demo was originally like that or if slight cutting occured somewhere along the chain of trades and dubs. The sound is ok, quite loud and booming. Main instrument sounds like a slightly distorted organ. The music has some sort of archaic simplicity to it and, yet again, brings old Ultima and CRPG soundtracks to my mind. Which I suppose is some sort of sign of bona fide dungeon synth to me. Somewhat repetitive and monotonous, as expected, but quite enjoyably "pure" and fully instrumental as well as devoid of samples and special effects. First and second Lamentation demos come to mind, maybe the promo track too. Will bore many and bring nostalgic feels of pleasure to some.

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RIP Lemmy Kilmister. The world is a safer place for Rickenbacker basses now.

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Somehow I couldn't imagine actually seeing this day! RIP Lemmy, he just turned 70 too. He did look terrible in the last live pics I saw of him, kind of happy last time I saw Motörhead he was still in good form. Titans fall.