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Inkubus Sukkubus - In All Our Names live 2003

Inkubus Sukkubus - In All Our Names (live at Gloucester Guildhall Arts Centre, Gloucester UK 10th January 2003)
1) Wytches 2002
2) Smile of Torment
3) The Rape of Maude Bowen
4) I Am the One
5) Take My Hunger
6) Vampyres
7) Away with the Faeries
8) Heart of Lilith
9) We Belong with the Dead
10) Catherine
11) Lucifer Rising
12) Belladonna & Aconite
13) Vampyre Erotica
14) Paint It Black



Enough exotics and time for something non-metal as well, this is again Inkubus Sukkubus of UK and an unusual item for the Coven: video of the whole show (separate tracks) shot from the audience by a comrade of brother Emptiness Cycle who kindly contributed this earlier with other related items. Thanks again! The unofficial IS site tells us this was a combined Amnesty / Greenpeace (didn't really foresee typing that split on this blog) benefit gig with unlisted support bands. I felt the urge to make a cover once again so this might look like a proper bootleg.

Like I mentioned right in the start, this is an audience recording and the full set. The fourteen tracks make almost an hour of music and both image and sound quality are decent. Better than average visual I'd say, EC's comrade has positioned himself quite well, slightly to the side but with a good view. I'm not very good at saying much about live videos since I shoot piss poor ones and generally seldom watch them, including the official ones. I do listen to live albums though, but don't often have patience to sit through a live DVD. Thus it might be convenient for others with similar issues that the video is separated unto tracks. I also made an audio-only version which you may download separately if you're so inclined. The main download includes this too. A few words about the gig itself, nice setlist though I am personally most familiar with the oldest albums, instruments sound a little thin but this is goth stuff not metal! And definitely not Mysticum. Candia's voice doesn't really seem to carry through the whole set, not sure if she's feeling a bit under the weather or what but maybe they should've considered having Tony do a song or two. Then again, she manages "Catherine" which is kinda hard, kudos for that but alas, struggles by "Belladonna & Aconite" noticeably which is a bummer. Anyways, I'm hungry and need to stop typing. Recommended for fans of Inkubus Sukkubus and pagan/gothic rock in general.

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Emptiness Cycle kirjoitti...

Thanks for the name drop. Coincidentally, I was just looking at your list of wants, and did the same on my blog, which has now been redesigned in its entirety.

I'll be in touch, if you don't beat me to it.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


No problem, I try to include helpful or relevant links in the posts when applicable. I think I'll post something perhaps up your alley next - or synth, haven't decided yet!

Emptiness Cycle kirjoitti...

I love me some synth. Actually, I've been making a list of things that I want to put online and I'm pretty certain a large chunk is more suitable for you than for me - next time you email me, let me know what you try and do regarding uploads, your criteria, as such, and i'll see about donating yet more stuff :)

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Well, it was synth. :D Ok, we'll talk more over email but in a nutshell I prefer to post older stuff (90's - early 00's) and things not re-released or otherwise easily found online. Those are the main criteria.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Some degenerate asshole is selling this on bandcamp!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Wow, that's an enterprising Greek there! I suppose I should notify EC so his friend can start asking that guy for royalties and Inkubus Sukkubus too. Oh, and I guess I'm due some cents as well seeing that he's using the cover I made. :D Ridiculous.